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Meditation of the "Seat of Power without Ego"

Meditation of the "Seat of Power without Ego:" Take your deep breaths as a cycle of the ocean waves and deeply rooting yourself into Mother Earth. Gently melt into her every muscle, bone, organ etc. This is a sacred space and gift yourself peace. You are not the fear, the labels or situations of the past or what people have told you who you are. You are divine. You are imperfect and a being of Light. Pure light helpers guard, guide and protect both your earthly and sacred body as your intention in this meditation is to find your Seat of Power without Ego, without defeat, overburdening, overtaking or harming another. Compassion in strength is needed here. You walk down a path and come to a beautiful place that is so serene and peaceful to you. You see a pool of water in the short distance. You long to be near you look into the emerald clear pool you see yourself. Look at yourself with all imperfections. See that beauty and send love to yourself with your spiritual eyes. As you see your reflection; a sacred mentor familiar only to you appears and looks back at you. This mentor asks you: "Where have you been? Who are you? You are not the fear, you are imperfect and you are a Warrior of Peace. The mentor holds a beautiful sword and it all all the embellishments and crystals and totems that mean something personally to you. You see the sword...the mentor says "This is a sword of not destruction but a gift for you to take when needed to cut the cords of unhealthy ties and situation and blockages of your divine path as a being of divinity. You take the sword as instructed cut the unhealthy ties and the swords flames into a violet flame cutting without pain and sealing the area and it is rejuvenated. Cut as many cords you are ready for...there are some you are not ready for and need to work on as you keep the sword. Sitting feeling your own the bowls play. Some tears were released but tears are not weakness but release. You are a Warrior of Peace. It is time for your sacred body to join your earthly body feeling strong, certain, and no fear...knowing who you are with gratitude. Thank you...Peace to you and Namaste.

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