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Nectar of Compassion Lessons from Kuan Yin

8/8/18 Meditation by BlueThunder "Nectar of Compassion" Intention in this journey was to feel the sweetness of life and compassion. We grounded and breathed in peace and traveled as our Pure Light helpers guided, guarded, protected and support both our earthly and sacred bodies. Our sacred bodies floated very gently and softly to an exotic land where there was a sacred mountain. Without effort we saw below us on a sunny day nature. You saw cherry blossom trees and koi fish ponds with lotus flowers and different types of flowers and trees. You floated to the mountaintop and landed on the top of the mountain on soft green grass. You sat down and above you saw in the Heavens the Goddess and Feminine Diety Kuan Yin (similar to Mother Mary). She is the Compassionate Goddess who listens to all your cares and concerns, and worries...she ascends from a Peaceful Place and there is a stairway leading down to you made of gold and she descends and sits in front of you. She is dressed as an Empress and she looks at you with kind eyes and sees into you and her gaze melts you and you feel so much care and compassion. You tell her whatever you need to share with her...your doubts, your fears, worries and she waits patiently for all you need to express. The Mother of Mercy who waits until all souls are enlightened and will not leave earth til all ascend. As you finish what you needed to say; you thank her for listening and her blessing. She takes all your intentions as prayers into the Heavens and she cries tears in the clouds that are between Heaven and Earth transforming the concerns into prayers and transforms into the rainclouds as Nectar of Compassion. Sweet and gentle and it flows into your heart, it rains down on your skin and you soak it in and as you look up to see the rain coming down; you allow the nectar to wash you eyes to cleanse and see from compassion, to feel from compassion and to be compassion. Life is sweet only by your choice, Life is blissful and you open your mouth to drink in these drops of Nectar. You are filled, surrounded and are Compassion. You take this feeling to your earthly body to share as a gift in your Divinity walking this Earth. You are capable, you are sacred and you can create the life of sweetness in all you do, see, hear, and say. You ground again and awaken into the awareness you are divine. Peace to you, Thank you, Namaste. I do not usually pinpoint the International Goddesses or Dieties I work with but today was guided to tell you, introduce her to you and what her universal lesson is. Goddess works with all. No worries if there's a God coming through...I will be sure to share. My Goddess is Kuan Yin who teaches me compassion and to share her story today. What an honor to share her with you and serve.

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