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Power of Surrendering

Meditation story telling and mentoring by Blue Thunder aka Interfaith Spiritual Sanctuary. 10/10/18 Oh My Beautiful Surrenderers to the Light Workers of your Ancestors and Heavenly Divine Ones; Do you feel responsible to shoulder all the burdens of all your worries, anxieties and others like a beast of burden? Are you feeling overwhelmed by neglecting taking care of your mental health, physical and spiritual by taking on other's issues? Do you feel, falsely, that you are the only one to carry this load for yourself and others? Do you trust Spirit? The Goddess Yemaya/Ymoja and the children of many genders called the 14 Orishas from the Santerian traditions of Yorubian or W. African influence and Brazil are here to let you know their traditions of reaching out to their Pure Light Ancestors and Pure Light Heavenly Ones are here to assist by you surrendering that you are not the one to handle all and you ask to be assisted in your life journey and maintenance back into the Sacred Self. Sure we are strong and know our strengths and being TRUTHFUL to acknowledge our weaknesses or limitations by creating space to say "I cannot do it all." "I need help." "Can you help me?" "Can you do this." "I am not having a great day or having difficulties lately and need your assistance." Surrendering in YOUR TRUTH is essential. By honoring your emotions, is self care and honesty to others is being REAL. I feel sad, angry, happy, loved, anxious because....(fill in the blanks). As we breathed pure light in to prepare the meeting of the Goddess and assisting your connection to your Ancestors and Higher Heavenly are grounded and connected to Mother Earth...the Nurturer holds you dear and supports your Earthly body, feeds, shelters, clothes it so let your spine relax rooting deeply into Her. Continue to breath deeply in very gently in and out feeling the gentle rhythms of your body and relax. Your Sacred body goes to a white sandy beach and the sun is beaming very strongly on you. Your toes and hands play in the sand to feel it's gritty and hotness. The ocean breeze is a welcome cooling agent to your skin and the water is clear light blue. In the distance you see in the ocean Yemaya...swimming to you. Her Domain the Ocean. Water is life and she is a cobalt mermaid. Grand and Divine and her crown of starfish, her sceptre of 6-pointed star and her necklace a shell of a Fibonacci sacred geometry graces her. She looks at you sitting on the beach and tells you: "It is time to surrender and connect to your Ancestors of Light & Heavenly Helpers is similar to the traditions of the "Day of the Dead." Normally, the spiritual followers wear white on summer solstice and visit the water or create sea salt water in a dish to commemorate her. You breath in this inspirational moment as you feel the waves going slowly in and out and where you are seated the water has reached you and continues going in and out. You relax more as it is warm and calling to you. Your body slowly joins the waves and you are drawn to Yemaya to walk in front of her at hips length. You can see the ocean below you in the water. It is time you release what you cannot handle, toxicity of emotions, people or experiences and allow all your anxiety and worries to wash away. You bathe yourself in the water feeling it all float away. The Goddess watches you with emerald green eyes. Her dark skin glistens like alabaster in the Sun. She embraces you and you allow yourself to feel the peace inside your body and ask for assistance. The water feels like inside a womb, an embryonic fluid...and the Mother Yemaya helps you to surrender in safety and your power of allowance. You are feeling lighter, relieved and peaceful and she has put in her traditions paper boats for you and lighted a white candle as you place offerings to your Ancestors and Heavenly Helpers inside and any prayerful intentions you surrender and gratitude to the Goddess to float away into the Ocean and Light. You see these personal offerings in completion. It is time to leave Yemaya and thank her and your body floats back to the beach where you started your journey as a gift of a seashell is for you from her. Please honor your emotions and speak to each other in all your pleasantries and darkness. Share what you feel and dialogue and BE REAL, BE TRUTH and don't belittle your emotions like saying "I am a little happy." Don't grind and pack down your emotions dark or light into nothingness and dishonor them as a world of peaceful truth and dialogues and honesty is real, is healthy. I honor you and you honor me this way and not create a world of being offended that closes the door to us being honest and accepting of each other. You're gonna feel so good don't be a maybe with your emotions. State them and not be ashamed of all of your emotions. Surrender to the idea we are all here to learn and support each other. Thank your Ancestors and Heavenly Helpers and the Goddess Yemaya for allowing us to learning surrendering is power, states your boundaries, your feelings and is a strength. Have a wonderful week and Namaste, Peace to you. Thank you. Don't be a good little boy or girl and be meek about your mental health and physical abilities and speak the truth. REMEMBER, live a life of surrender and truth. I love you. You are Powerful.

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