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Riding the Wave with Grief

Riding the Wave and Breathing through Grief:

Mourning is a like a ocean can't stop the wave and you ride it with its ups and downs and turbulence and gentleness...It's like weep, your heart hurts and then next the elation of knowing that special person or wondering if you knew enough or connected's all a wave. Ride it as the heart mends and the earthly connections will dissolve as the love never ceases as it transcends all dimensions...believe in love and connection is elevated and modified in from earthly to heavenly experiences. Heaven on Earth is having the loving support of those who comfort you...who may not know you or understand or know your beloved but it is a gift to be comforted during grief...understand that pulling away is not a rejection but a space to buffer the pain and heal at times is the reality of it all. Thanks for those who comforted me.

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