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Prayers and Soul, Mind and Body

Please pray for Vicky in Stone Mountain, Georgia of her left shoulder she had surgery years ago and acting up preventing more mobility especially in yoga, her brother in Grand Junction, CO suffering from motorcycle accident and in pain in need of healing to avoid very extensive surgeries and is immobilized, Darryl (Artist who painted for Nicholas Cage) battling cancer and wheelchair bound from knee surgeries to diminish all and transform into a wholly healthy soul, body and mind.

Prayers for this planet, our solar system, our universe and others for deep healing and forgiveness of self and others to move past the blockages of our pain, mentally and physically so our soul can achieve the lessons of being or teaching. Prayers for our Heavenly helpers on all levels of Pure Light to assist any and all with their challenges or relieve them of their worries, their emptiness and fill them with blissful light from above to those on earth.

We are heaven and earth and we are made of every opportunity and vibration cellularly, mentally and spiritually to remain strong and understand we are unlimited in our resource to Spirit on the Earth on any level even in Bliss. Blissful healing vibrations to all your hearts, your soul, your mind and body. Much much eternal loving light hugs from above and below.

Keep strong for your are a valued Divinity making way the best way in the path of self discovery and working united in unity. There's no separation unless you create it out of comfort but how does separation make a union of soul, body and mind within and without involving others in our lives?

Bless the moments of peace and stillness to rethink your steps on your path and the moments of stalling to make you patient and think there's not one way and no one is right but more so using our intuition and understanding what feels right for you is a thousand possibilities for another. Much compassionate prayers of understanding and creating the boundaries needed to re-emphasis and commit to self in Sacred Journeys. Peace to you and Namaste. Thank you for Being here.

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