Seat of Power - Working with the Mer Ka Ba

Hello Lovely Earthdwellers!

This storytelling sound heal was amazing to service you with. It was visiting your Seat of Power. Have you felt unseen, unheard, dismissed and undervalued? Have you believed the unempowered false labels of who you are? Do you believe this to the point you feel powerless? You are Divine and it is your Sacred Right to believe you are all powerful. Power is not degrading, no ego or judgment as in acceptance of all you are and standing in your TRUTH.

We review the pyramid shapes before starting. Please see a four corner pyramid a little below the navel and the top to the sky with edges facing east and west and north and south. Then picture a pyramid above the navel turned downwards with its flat sides facing east and west, etc. See these first. Then turn the top pyramid to turn right and then the bottom left and they spin into the Sacred Geometric Mer Ka Ba there will be a polar light pathway through your head and body. See this first. Let me know when this is clear.

Let's get grounded into Mother Earth and see yourself growing roots into her. Holding you steady and letting go of any doubt, anxiety or barriers to your Divinity. Relax your body

into her and then breath in a green emerald light of the heart chakra into your lungs and belly and into your heart. Feel it increase your heart energy is you! Breath this in a few more time releasing all that is now of your sacredness. Keep doing this as your shoulders relax,

your neck and face and jaw and you are comforted and cradled into this earth a bundle of blessedness.

As you are grounded, your Primordial Tribe is in the room and Pure Light Helpers to guard, guide, support your Sacred Body in this journey to your Seat of Power. Your Sacred body ends up into a desert with vast sand dunes around you. It is a hot sunny day and you look down at your bare feet feeling the gritty hot sand and the wind blows this in your face and

you walk to an oasis you see in the distance. It has Palm date trees, apricot trees and almond trees around this body of water. Your throat is parched and lips are in need of relief as you walk towards this thinking is this a mirage or real. As you arrive a figure is sitting and 2 camels ready and saddled are kneeling down as well. It is your one of your Guides. You see you guide so loyal to you in assisting you on this journey. Take notice of the clothing your guide is wearing, the color of skin, eyes and hair and gender. Your Guide tells you to take comfort and refresh yourself.

You dip your feet into the cooling water and refresh your hands, washing the sand off your face and eyes and drink in this sweet cooling water and eat of the natural feast on the trees. Your Guide looks at your and says: "It is time to claim your Seat of Power." He points to the camel for you to climb on this desert beast into the saddle. Your Guide mounts the other camel as well. Your camel goes forward and back to get up but you are secure. You head East as the camel walks as if floating side to side like riding an ocean wave toward the pyramids in the distance. You see these and one stands out to you. You arrive at the pyramid of your choosing. This is your Pyramid of Power.

You and your Guide dismount the camels who are motioned to kneel down for you and you see torches on the outside with markings you only understand. Your Guide asks you to take the steps down to the Chamber for your Seat of Power. You see and hear your footsteps on the stone steps downward and it has been lit for your arrival. You walk downward into the Chamber and you see all 4 walls with symbols and markings on these. You see a throne in the center when the point of the pyramid opens to the sky. It is day time and light allows you to see this. You look at your thrown and realize you are the Master of your Destiny. You need to release the false imprisoned barriers of your mind and body of being powerless. You see the marking of your own symbols of power. Power is not of ego or judgmental or overbearing. It is the natural acceptance that you are who you are and not ashamed.

As you take your Seat as the King and Queen of Self Claimed Power; your clothing changes into royalty. You feel this Power. You look up to the open point of the sky and you then see the pyramids one facing top points east to west (front to back and sides) and then the other pyramid facing down with flat sides east to west (front to back) and pointing downward. These combined to form the Mer Ka Ba. You see the top one spinning right and the bottom left and creating the open channel light portal. Then from the top of the pyramid the violent flame (Higher Self) that cleanses all false barriers you believed are diminished and disintegrated leaving only your Divinity in your Seat of Power. As you breath this in and the flame engulfs you; you feel your own Power returned back to you. Just breath softly and gently and be all that you are in Truth. Sit in it.

When completed; you leave your Throne that can be returned to as needed and the Your Pyramid of Power back into this room into the now and blessed to be all embracing all powerful to be Divinely present in the path you have chosen to expand in the Light.

Thank you for this opportunity to increase the soul expansion adding not only the pyramid of power by using the Mer Ka Ba. Namaste, Peace to you and Much Gratitude - Thank you. Until next time.e.

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