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Ionic Foot Bath and Head-Neck-Shoulder-Face Lymph Massage

I have been doing Ionic foot baths for a few years now with detox wellness centers

and chiropractors. It seems there's alot of stress lately. Only 30 minutes allows

me to assist you in stress relief and relaxing foot baths. Using the ions to draw out the particles that need releasing from different areas of the body; the color chart shows which areas are concentrated on for release and relief when the ionic bath is in process and draws out debris and turns colors interpreted via the ionic bath color chart on what areas of the body affected by stress or in need of relief or detoxification.

I utilize additional special treatments & training of head and neck and lymph massage for the face to assist in your relaxation and acupressure points that the client requests relief for their session.

Book by appointment of email for special appointments

times at my location for only $45 for 30 minutes of pampering with aromatherapy and love.

Read this helpful articles to assist your understanding of ionic foot baths and self loving pampering.

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