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Leadership channeled by Blue Thunder with Archangel Gabriel and Raccoon Medicine

Hello Light Seekers;

Yesterday was a pleasure to do a meditation going deeper while working with two tarot decks this time. Archangel Gabriel which means "God is my Strength" is a Messenger Angel that comes in male or female form. This Archangel is here to help you understand the true meaning of "Leadership" and Serving the community in the Highest Good. The Raccoon was the assistant in displaying the behavior of harmony, community, cooperation and understanding the ideal leadership role and the team/follower role in whatever capacity you see your own truth and strength in service.

We know what leadership is not lately by division, by drama, by disloyalty and not serving in the highest good and not delegating or directing with clear goals and roles to fulfill the complete Service in the Highest Good.

A good leader knows their space in a community effort and has the wisdom and trust from the team/followers. Can convey the clear goals and hear out alternative resolutions from the team and seek the strengths and passions of team members/followers? A leader inspires the team member to expand and grow by taking risks outside of their comfort zone and seeing if this is their passion and understands that when a leader has completed his/her service; the student will either leave and or follow to lead into another group that answers their calling. Just as the team member/follower understands the leader can leave when reached the service of highest good in his/her own expansion.

A good leader doesn't try to keep a team member beside them when they gracefully and truthfully have felt fulfilled and ready for the next level when there is none in the immediate group in service to the community. As the attempt to keep a team member and causes stagnancy will cause dissatisfaction, resentment and it all has to do with truth and divine timing.

We are going on a journey in Costa Rica, Central America where it is on the mountains overlooking the sea. It is the moment before the sunrises and it is completely silent. A welcomed silence in not hearing alarms, buzzers or traffic whizzing by. It is a sacred revisit back into the Sacred Self. The mountains you are standing on are lush from tropical rains that occur during September and October this time of year. You look down and hear the ocean a few feet away and slowly the tide goes in and out. The Playa Grande beach means Large Beach in which it is a tortoise reserve. It is a large beach and surfers are readying themselves to find the perfect wave. There are no words or voices to be heard to break the serenity.

You come down the lush mountain before the sun rises to find your panoramic spot to see this awakening of a new day coming. Playa Grande is so wide and this is beautiful. As you sit awaiting the magik of it all. The clouds part and there are the colors of yellow, orange and purple hues painting the sky as its canvas and the sun is rising. There in the distance there is a light of green like the heart chakra coming from the sky with glittered gold coming towards you. You feel a peace as it is Archangel Gabriel and you close your eyes totally relaxed as you hear the vast wings of Archangel Gabriel behind you and she wraps her wings around your body. She holds out her hands to cup your head as you automatically trust and lay back upon Gabriel's lap. This is heavenly and very comforting.

As it is a journey back into Sacred self; Archangel Gabriel then says: "Have you hidden the times you have led or did service? You have witnessed what is not of service and leadership. It is time to take a step into service by understanding yourself and just relax and allow your Sacred body to leave your Earthly body as you see from your belly button on your Earthly body the tiny cord connected to your Sacred body. It is a cord that stays between both bodies until your last breath and so you know it will return after the Universal Life Lesson. It is your Sacred body that will witness and convey and share the energetic lesson you need.”

Your Sacred body walks down the wide beach in a direction where there is a pavilion for large community gatherings. It is a thatched roof of palm leaves and grass and the poles are made from the familiar logs of the Guanacaste trees instead of metal or plastic. The only remnants that tell you people have been there are trash bins filled with scraps and trash from the last meal. It is early morning so there's no one in sight. Gabriel says a comical team of raccoons will be your teacher by example. As you hear the chatter of these creatures walk around and by the trash bins assessing how they will achieve the clear goal from the leader. The leader has chosen the people in their assignment in the passion and strength to fulfill in cooperation in service the group and this small community in its highest good. As you see one has chosen to use the trash bin as support and stand on hind back legs and there is another one that travels to its place on its shoulders and a couple other raccoons climb up into the trash bin to forage for food. Notice the foragers do not eat the food and respect the harmonic internal agreement and there is no fighting or drama between them. They bring down the food to the leader who they have been inspired by and assigned the clear goals/tasks. The leader is respected and trusted and is fed first before the group eats alongside the leader. This is a clear example of valuing our leaders and the blessing is the leader is recognized in truth of their wisdom and inspiration conveyed to the team/followers. A simple task clearly conveyed and all uniting to Serve in the Highest Good. Great or small but we must unify and dialogue to understand what we understand what our role in this is.

Are you a leader? If so, when will you take action and expand and utilize your wisdom to share without ego, control or being overbearing or try to miss out on the opportunity to be a true leader by trying to fulfill every role conveyed? Will you have the ability to share wisdom and step back and let the team/follower learn in their own trials and errors to be their Best Self forward? Be truthful in your abilities or are you a good team/follower and understand your passion and role is just as important in creating a space to trust and grow from a leader that wants the best for each team member/follower. Following up and understanding by gaining insight from the team member/follow what they felt and did they meet the goals and expectations and praise them if they did and encourage them if they felt they needed more direction in skills and clarify what personal choices the team member/follower can choose by learning added skills for success or knowing that another role may be the answer to the situation and gaining the wisdom, direction and knowledge. Feedback is important and praise and improvement helps us all grow.

Now that you have learned whether you are a leader or follower by asking yourself "How May I Serve?" Makes it more successful to Serve the Highest Good for the Community by removing the obstacles of if you don't like a person or grudges or the noise in your head that stops you from fulfillment in service with this question that helps direct you on what the purpose is in your life journey in service. Thank you for coming and returning back to your earthly body giving thanks to Archangel Gabriel and the raccoon’s lesson. Have a beautiful day. Pura Vida (means Pure Life).

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