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Everything is Temporary

Hello My Beautiful Loving Lights!

Thank you for attending the storytelling sound heal yesterday, 11/13/2019.

As we rooted ourselves into Mother Earth; we were reminded how connected we are to Her. She is the supporter, nurturer and provider to all that dwells. She gives unconditionally without hesitation and welcomes you back in any form. As you see your roots deeply connected to Mother Earth; you feel them connected so strongly to her. You are part of her. You are dust and dirt and formless in the void and in the beginning. You come to Earth to learn and experience so on this journey with your Sacred body you must purify your energy by breathing a pure light into the top of your head and coming down into your body and all around it. You took deep breaths with your nose and filled the purity into your lungs, body and heart and then released what does not empower you. You are reminded that being in the NOW is most important and the past does not equate your worth, your potential nor your being present in moving forward. We let the past hold onto it or as I say we hold onto the past. If we are too busy looking at the past; we are not moving forward. Continue to breath in this purity in your body and feel all of the darkness, the anger, sadness and other people's energies fall into Mother Earth. Give all the past into her and let it go. Send all the unempowering that does not identify with your Divinity down and see go. Keep breathing this purity inside and all around you for your coming journey.

As you are relaxed; you breathed softly because you understood that life is temporary. We are temporary and everything you are experiencing is temporary.  As you left your Earthly body (knowing I call upon your Pure Light Helper/Protectors); your Sacred body went on a journey to a place where there was circle in a forest of trees around you. It was the early dawn of a Fall day. The time the earth is asleep as the the sun is peeking through the clouds and trees and the the earth is awakening to a new day. You look down and see that you are dressed in clothing on this cold crisp Fall day and you hear your footsteps as leaves crunch beneath your feet. It is a Sacred time to gift yourself this silence in peace by gifting you time for yourself to regenerate and rejuvenate with inner connection. You are Divine and part of the Divinity. You breath in and out and you see your breath to reaffirm the crisp and cold temperature of the Season of Releases.  

The wind dances around the trees allowing the leaves their freedom to flight into death and into the reconnection of Mother Earth. It's freedom dancing into death. As you see many types of trees and the different hues of colors; you notice the shapes and sizes of the leaves. You are drawn to a tree that resonates to you and its leaves. This is you. Your journey to freedom in life. You see a brook nearby and the leaf you focus on drops into the brook and it runs gently away from you. You notice how the leaf lands on the water and it smell bog-like and there are other leaves that join you. This is the community you join in life and you connect and learn from each other for a time on earth and then some leave to explore and expand other communities to learn and support each other along the way. You notice at times as you go through life you are alone and at a standstill. This is the time that is not stagnancy but opportunity to process and tweak and take in and digest what you have learned and your next move. It is expansion. Then you see yourself flowing forward in your new adventure to meet another group of leaves/community to learn and support each other along the way. People move out of your life to make room for your growth as you are never alone but the Master of your Path and then you continue this learning and expansion throughout life. Everything is temporary and having the lightness of heart and joy and ability to laugh is important part of the journey into the expansiveness. 

You see a frog croaking gently on the banks to remind you that sound is a healing vibration and the the frog croaks to let you know you have placed yourself in this sound healing for your Expansion and Peace. Peace is the doorway to opening up and allowing your Divinity to take over.  Spirit has guided you and then you see the wind carry you as a leaf up into the air and into Mother Earth on the banks where you rejoin your connection to Mother Earth ...grounded and connected to her once again in this journey of self love. You take this lesson in about life and into your Sacred body. You sit with this as the sound is being played.

Now you are ready to rejoin and share this energy of everything is temporary in the NOW with your Earthly body and sink into it. Remember to always have lightness of heart, see yourself with Inner Childlike eyes and heart and have joy in your journey through life. Explore and be free like a child and smile and laugh even if you fake it til you make it Baby. Ha! Ha! As you settled into your body in this room; you open your eyes into your Divinity and awaken. As you open your eyes, wiggle your toes and fingers and limbs and shoulders and body back into this room with me. 

It is an honor to have you. Thank you for being here. Peace to you and Namaste.

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