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A Healium collaboration April 2020 Special Messages & Spontaneous Jam for You!

Please enjoy the message from both Jim and I to inspire and encourage you to be strong in this difficult time dealing with the Coronavirus and an ending to power up of you and your spiritual entourage in gratitude and love with unity and digging deep in our transformation into manifestation as I say. I hope the channeled speech is helpful to All of us as Communion of Souls. Have we lost our minds? lol Have we lost our will? Have we lost our patience? Have we become angry and saddened and uncertain? We are never excluded in the 'Communal Universal Lesson of Compassion' through the many stages of Grief we feel in the systems being dissolved or discovered do not equate "Goodness for All."Well, we hope this helps as we are all doing this together my Beloveds:


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