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Accessing Different Selfs for Truth and Insight

Dear Earth-Dwellers;

Thanks for stopping by again. As you can tell; I love to write. I love to share and hope it informs and inspires you making you comfortable with healing modalities and ways Spirit may flow.

As time progressed; I was drawn to work as a personal trainer for a year and found the corporate gyms aren't very compassionate nor health was more like who was the strongest and who could prove how out of shape the person was to convince them for personal training. I would go to women's homes who felt out of sorts and give them private lessons; taking note of the age, abilities and injuries past or present and adjust movements as their goals. I would talk to them about diet and mindset was very important.

At times; I was at psychic fairs and learned to speak to the chi/ki/prana/life force self in the area of the body that was affected, the higher self, the lower self, the basic self. I would also ask for the Divine Issue for short mini sessions that the client was open to if there was more the one energy point that was the first and initial one to address. At times; I would access the higher self for truth and the mind self and body/physical self as well. The Lower Self was the gut or animal instinct or dark emotion self and the basic was basically and simply what was the issue/situation. Sometimes, the alignment was missing and I would ask the higher self to tell me about the issue and reconfirm with the basic self and if dark...the Lower Self as well. It helped me to convey and pinpoint what gift I could utilize with their permission and preference in mind. People are like layers of an onion but some layers below or above need releasing to get the layer to resolve it. You must be clear in their intention and go with what they allow and do the service if Spirit says proceed to me.

Now you might be curious about the Mind self and the Body/Physical Self. These I utilize by accessing your Higher Self (with permission of course) and ask what does the mind need in order to resolve with the Higher Self and the same with the Body/Physical Self. What does the Mind Self need and what do you Physical Self need to be all in agreement and well. Then I communicate to each Self and ask if they can give each other what they want and reconfirm with the Higher Self and then I get an all "yes" from all 3 and then proceed the healing. I then explain if it is mental to look for things to help in that area doesn't have to be illness and the body what food or exercise and the Higher Self to remind each to stay on track. After doing the Reiki/Crystal, Shamanic or Reflexology or corporate massage or accessing their Angels or Spirit Guides; then I convey in a much simpler way to the client. I just have to get everything in agreement an in alignment and then convey you need to play or mediate to relax your mind or you need a vacation and the body wants good greens or juicing for a week and this type of exercise either for flexibility, strength or endurance. I make sure the client knows that I can access some Pure Light Helpers and if open. I let them tell me about what they are seeking and intention and listen to the language of their likes and dislikes or leave outs...LOL. That tells me a lot too. I do not bring up something that Spirit tells not now. They need to process this. Afterall, it is in Spirit's hands and I am only a tool.

Whatever floats your boat but stay in alignment with Spirit and do the work they request unless it changes and they are open to it. If not open to it; truthfully tell them that someone else can service them. Usually, I don't get these types of clients because I get them to call me and we talk and have a conversation to understand each other and any openness to other possibilities and modalities. If they tell me do whatever you want to me. I say: "No, I do what you clearly have thought out with your intention." If I've known them really well and the energy is strong and certain from the person who says that then I know they are very strong in their Spirituality and trust my energy working with theirs for best results and Spirit says go ahead and I proceed to serve due the permission and Divine timing.

I just wanted to convey there are other ways as the Selfs also came into my life when I helped my daughter's soccer coach stretch out and warm up the team. They got attached to me. The Coach was a Christian man and his Father a Deacon. He hurt himself a few days and then I asked if he knew what reflexology was and then he asked me: "What's that?" I told him the modality and he agreed and felt energy on a point on his leg and asked if he was okay to touch it and he agreed. I worked on that area. The next practice he said, "I hadn't been able to move my leg a certain way for years and what did you do?" I told him l just sensed that and was guided and glad you are okay. I couldn't tell him hey I talked to your different self and you told me...LOL.

The next practice a team player was dropped off with her little brother as the mother was at work. A few minutes passed; the Grandpa drove up and then I had to attend to the team making sure they had warmed up. As the practice started; the young girl became frantic looking for her younger brother. I told her your Grandpa was here but she said, "He didn't go with Pawpaw." I then was told by Spirit that your new gifts are to practice the selfs. I then was told by Spirit that the boy was safe but if you told them now; the team would be afraid of you. The Coach looked at me like what was going on and then I told him we are looking for her little brother. He wanted to help but I told him:"You have practice to run and I will help her." Spirit told me because of the quick timing you will have to go with the time with this gal and look all over the field and be patient. For her comfort; she and I walked around the fields, etc. I contacted the little boy's mind. He explained: "Pawpaw told me to get in the car but I told him that Mom told us just stay at the field with my sister and he got mad and told me to get in the car." I had my cell phone with me. I asked the little boy: "We are going to call and please answer the phone; tell your sister what you just told me so she doesn't worry as your heart and her heart are connected & needs to communicate physically and take action now."

Then I told the gal; please call your Grandpa and see. She then used my phone and instead of Grandpa answering; the little boy/brother answered and told her the reason he left was Pawpaw wanted me to get in the car asap even though he knew Mom told us to stay together at soccer practice." I was relieved and thanked their mind selfs and hearts and the blessing of learning this way of healing. This I cannot tell you how I learned but Christlike or Ascended Master energy was the heart felt connection that connected me to the children to learn how to do this with the earthly rules. Every time after the Coach looked at me and teased me about doing voodoo which is a different healing modality that I am not familiar with. I was soon to have his father as my client to ready him to journey back home to Heaven. So that's all I got to say. Hope you enjoyed.


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