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Another Empathic Journey with Meditation holding Ayahuasca 3/2/21 via Psychometry

Dear Ones;

Everyone’s journey is not the same and we don’t carve out the same path with our divinity. Earthdwelles know the ways of physically accessing wisdom from Spirit and the Plant Medicine in pure light. We have not been new to plant medicine found in aspirin, processed products and pharmaceuticals from plants and animals. We consume medicine in our foods and not everyone’s prerogative is the same in the body type, consistency, shape, size and color. We area rainbow of vastness. We are the choices we formulate in our mind and body and our soul knows the best of all. Your soul is pure and arrived pure.

When you work with plants; honor yourself by creating ritual of gratitude to learn, understand in pure light and gain wisdom in your own transformation. If consumed; please honor yourself by honoring the ingesting of the the plants or animals hopefully without harm to the animal and no disrespect. If you honor what you ingest by placing energy on it and praying to learn and understand without harm; it is the best and giving thanks after ingestion and being healed or while healing if it is microdosing. It takes a knowledgeable facilitator or herbalist to educate themselves and you. It is your responsibility to be an active participant in your healing in intention, medication and preparation and learning how to give thanks in physical and spiritual form. It is a flow of releases and growth and eye opening to be and do as a sacred time as One.

In this journey; utilizing 'psychometry' ability to hold or be near an object to gain information, the story and wisdom. I left you when my body transformed to a fish in a lake in Ecuador jungle. I then went back after journeying with protection to both earthly and sacred bodies for this continued lesson. I saw the tribe with red painted across their eyes striped and a campfire was going on to the space where the leading Shaman took our group to experience this Ayahuasca. This is in my mind so please understand possibilities of spiritual journeying. He was not there but my Sacred Spirit body knew as it was evening and the tribe was sitting on volcanic ancient stones places around the campfire and a they were chanting and smoking herbs. They blew smoke of the herbs to the center and it lifted up in unison and there was more sound like chanting and became stronger and faster. They drank the Ayahuasca herb and saw me and said nothing but spoke with their minds.

There was a tribal man that stood out to me the last time and he looked at me as if to say “Take a seat.” Before taking my seat where I saw last journey; I gave my despacho to the tribe and the tree shaman and shamaness (She was quiet power.) I saw the other tree/Ayahuasca vine Shaman male in a gown sitting on the old sacred Vine that grew next to an Ancient tree. Wisdom exuded and called to my spirit to come again and grow warm roots as I drank the herbal vine tea. I joined my roots with the Ayahuasca roots and we were one. I was lifted to the sun for solar power and saw the full moon. I traveled with my pure light protectors and power animals as we all bathed and moon dust. It was so magical and yet purifying of the feminine. It was journey for the Mother again in the Moon and the Ayahuasca and Panchamama. We were immersed with the Feminine and Love.

I then was told to shapeshift into the small fish form in the lake as the next step in my lesson. But first I must drink the Ayahuasca in this meditational journey.

The female Shaman came again. She could come and be seen or unseen at will. She stood behind me as my earthly body consumed the herbal vine tea. Then I returned back to the lake and in fish form. I was a small silvery fish but the water was the tea transformed. I swam, breathed and my eyes saw much clearer as I journey with other like kind fish to the near bottom of this lake and there was old volcanic rock and clearer water. I clearly consumed, breathed and ingested Ayahuasca and then I saw a man of the same one from the tribe from above. He was fishing and standing over me in fish form. He had a spear and caught me. He cooked me over a fire and consumed me. I broke down and was told that He and I were One. I became part of his brain, his blood systems and other systems of his body. I became one with him and felt life again as we nourish each other as the the natural system. Death and Life occurs I am told but we are forever nourishing each other. So I breathed with his lungs and saw with his eyes and walk and bodily functions. He mingled with his tribe and talked. I walked and I felt the difference in shape of body of course as I am a woman in physical form and he was so grounded into the earth like part of it. He was light yet densely earthy at the same time. It was time for me to return back to my body. I gave thanks and left as I gave my offerings at the beginning of this journey of meditation holding the Ayahuasca bark.

Peace and Namaste. I hope you enjoyed my journey with Ayahuasca. Live life without hesitation, without fear, with hope and love.


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