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Another Trip into the Underworld 4/3/2005

The Shamanic journey into Shadow-work is a welcomed journey for me in release in truth. There my guardians protect me. My hat of courage and my divine light and heart shaped amethyst crystal with another cluster of amethyst, red tail hawk feather and grounding stone are my preparations for this learning of my shadow.

Before going, I am flying from Chrysalis - my Sister Tree up the Upperworld first and receive sage advise that "I should not allow other's energy to enter and put up my shield and ask the White Knights of the Brotherhood for protection and sit in the Light of the God and experience this Light."

After that a blue dragon appears am told that it will consume me and I am eaten head first into the belly of the dragon and it's stomach acid break me down into mush and merge and become the blue dragon and then return to my body.

It is time for the Underworld, I see the River of the Dead (River Styx) and the Skullman in cloak. He is having a hard time to hold his form. I ask him as the skin on his skull face is cracked like clay and he says he cannot hold the image and needs my Light energy. I said okay as long as there is no calamities between us and he says just to be a channel of energy and let it flow and I send it to him. His image improves and holds shape. He smiles and his skin becomes smoother. He points to the long line of souls wishing to cross from natural calamities (tsunamis, hurricane, etc.) and are waiting to do his work & the souls are transparent. Skullman tells me to wait for my lesson as he boards souls on the boat to cross the River Styx. I think he is the one to give me the lesson.

As I wait for Skullman to return to teach me; Lord Ayahuasca appears in scarlet velvet robe and smiles in his skeletal form and speaks to me. He is the one to give he lesson. He says to lay down on the Earth and merge with it and I meld with the Earth and feel more comfortable as one because Lord Ayahuasca stands directly over me so I am uncertain what he is doing. He tells me; "Send love energy to the Earth and do and energy flows outwards. I transform into a skeleton and Lord Ayahuasca says: "See this is what we are - hollow bones and even then our skin turns to dust and so even further so our bones merging with the Earth."

I rise up from my form; I see my relatives (married unhappily) chained and metal covers their eyes and mouths gagged and another relative comes in a Medusa form and then her face transforms. I tell my relatives not to become a prison of Denial and Truth. Do not be Servants of Denial. See all the Good and negative you are but they bend down fearful because my other relative that is Medusa (relative interferes by telling them how to be married) threatens them to obey her words.

I turn into the blue dragon an begin to speak to her

and shield them away from her energy. I tell Medusa:

"You need to love yourself and if you did; you wouldn't act like a child in a candy store having tantrums to not share what was in it (Medusa snake headed woman). You need to heal and know that you cannot love some people or things but love all. Again, if you loved yourself. ...You can love all even though you do not like or understand some people. "

I see the relative's son and his hands are tied by a twine connecting to his prisoner parents being overpowered by Medusa. He says that: "He doesn't want his parents not to think for themselves anymore." I tell him the lesson learned is not to be a prisoners as Medusa tries to put a noose around his neck and I cut it several times and use my shield against her. I say: "You must stand in the truth and light. Know that you can think for yourself and not only do something but do it with Allah and the Noor's Light (Holy Spirit White Light) around you."

Walk your path in the Light or Noor and then think each action through Light and not Denials. He points to his heart and small snakes come out and I clear these and help him heal. The vines or noose keep coming and I place Archangel Michael's Blue Right of Light around his throat so from now on he can speak his truth. He takes a small diamond from his heart and tells me: "He doesn't give these away to anybody and only people he loves to me in gratitude." He has other diamonds but saves these for others. I tell him: "Do not be afraid to love like your parents because if they loved themself; they would think for themselves and not keep living in Denial." We hug and he kisses me and send him back to his physical body.

I place my shield around me and my relatives that are still imprisoned. I tell my Medusa to face all the aspects of Good and Bad in her by placing mirrors around her. She cries that she does not want to look and becomes a little girl not feeling she got enough love. I tell her that once she exudes love to all and not some; that she will receive it back karmically corrected. Then I send back my relatives to their physical bodies. I say; "Namaste" and thanks to the Skullman and apologize that I didn't wait for him and was leaving. He told me the lesson I learned was already there and it wasn't the ride with him. I gift him a hawk feather and he laughs and says: "Thanks this is what I've always wanted ..a little piece of Heaven (Hawk medicine is the Messenger of the Gods/Goddesses) which he loves to experience." I say "Goodbye!" to Lord Ayahuasca and give him a golden rose and thank all my relatives for the work they came to do.


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