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Ascension Journey of the Transforming Flame 12/13/22 (One of Many to Come)

My Journey was prompted by a meditational youtube music I found that prepared me for meditation which is to the sound 1111 Hz for ‘Good Karma.’ 1111Hz is for cellular rejuvenation & regeneration and associated with production of endorphins. I was to travel past the void into the Eternal Light Flame. It was golden, white and purple. It was much needed in my life now.

As I grounded my earthly body and asked for protection of all: Mind, Body, Spirit, and my Astral Body; the Power Animals surrounded that found themselves drawn to each of my own different bodies of self. Self is a concept of an illusion. We are an eternal flame that is ignited we think from above. I am told it is not ‘here’ or ‘there’ nor is it a place or location nor is it a time related. It is eternal, unlabeled and untouched by darkness….Although the journey to this state is through the darkness, through the void and through uncertainty for us all. We are experiencing a question of earthly dimensional thought that is beyond to describe it. It is indescribable and timeless. It is not concrete but an upper realm dimension. There are many, I am told ‘Upper Realms’ we have yet to discover them all. At least for me in my ignorance but readiness to expand and understand by witnessing and listening. Being is all you can be and nothing is required nor to exist as or do. It is simply being a Being of Light of Sacred Self. Unselfish and nothing of the earthly understanding.

I saw myself travel past the void and stars into this portal of light and then my earthly body became stretchable and ribbon like and bent like a ribbon of light. It was amazing to be more fluid and not the familiar form we know so well from the earthly references. I then went deep into the portal of light where the light became white. I was ready for ‘Light Wisdom.’

Transported into a Chamber of a Pyramid…the representation of our sacred space and endless possibilities into a sarcophagus. My familiar one. I was taken a few months ago by ElDora and Simon who are spiritual folks on earth to this Chamber. It was used for ‘Ascension.’ We are always ascending in the phases of our lives and as a galactic community together. We must have hope for compassion and unity and living in harmony but it starts with ourselves. Allowance of the ‘Light Wisdom’ is necessary for all our ascension which is something immeasurable.

I was there and the Ascended Master Serapis Bey - Ascended Master of Mental Body Healing was ‘holding space’ for me. He was an Ancient who created this throne without legs to lie on to support me almost like a shape of a sled and it held my energetic body. I lay there in complete comfort and readiness to receive. Then at the foot of my feet was Ra” Sun God and King of Deities and Father of All Creation of the Egyptians. He was a bright orb who sent to my pituitary and hypothalamus glands light to heal and the ‘Ankh’ - the Symbol of life appeared on the 3rd eye. I was in awe of the warming loving light and it bathed my head and down my spine. As I looked to my right, there was God Osiris, husband to Isis - The Goddess of Alchemy who blew the ‘Stars of the Cosmos’ onto me. Next to Osiris was “Sekhmet” , Goddess of Anger. She grit her teeth as a Lioness dressed in Egyptian gown and ‘human body’ and she growled at me. My past issues with anger from healing and she told me: “I grit my teeth to show you it is okay to grit your teeth when setting boundaries." She continued to teach me that once you were a Warrior of Anger and now a Warrior of Love. It is not wrong to make it a point to others of your boundaries as it is your Divine Rite to create this Sacred Space You be in. Then looking to my left was ‘Isis’ directly across from her husband - Osiris and she told me that the elixirs of blue cobalt that bathed me usually were there and the alchemy of my light body was to create a release of the old self energy. Then next to her was ‘Thoth” God of Wisdom and he was not lit up quite yet because of my own knowledge and understanding didn’t ignite total understanding and he was there chanting as a legion of devoted temple priests chanted with him. It was my own funeral of my old self in death and release. They chanted the words from the ‘Book of the Dead’ for my release. As they chanted; I saw them bending in prostation behind Thoth. He then became alight by a single flame and saw shadows of Thoth’s face as his chest was bare and he had a head covering as the Ancient Wisdom Keeper and Scribe. I then saw my old cells and self uplift like a mist above me and Thoth of his loyal priests kept chanting. I saw my old self dissipate and be freed as he was given a scepter that was like a round hooked scepter called a "Hejaz" which resembled guiding people in Egyptian thought and left the other one off that has 3 small hanging rods off and gave me one to hold criss-crossed into my right hand. He encased this into my sacred body and told me it was inside of me and the other would come in time as I continued my dedication to Sacred Expansion later on in no definite time. I was blessed with all their healing. I am grateful for this divine timed healing. It was time for me to leave back to my earthly body and complete the ascension process. My power animals were ready to welcome me but as usual, showing gratitude for this rebirthed ascension process that occurred was an honor to give thanks with gifts. For ‘Ra’ the Sun God I gifted a fiery water heart stone with wings attached that could ornate around his head as a crown. For Serapis Bey, I created a bundle of violet flowers with sparkling stars as a gift. For Isis, a cobalt like lily-shaped flask that shined light from the flower. Then for Thoth, an eternal light flame of wisdom light to read his orations. For Sekmet, a bejeweled goblet of beer she so fondly remembers the ancient story of her anger out of control and calmed with the beer and she became calm and not a murderous goddess because she felt unloved. She was loved. I knew her well. For Osiris, a gift of a heart shaped sapphire emerald shaped into a heart with the moonstone mixed with specks of light and then shaped before his eyes as he was amused watching the stone be encased with gold and then the chain to wear as a necklace.

Remember any ancient wisdom and ascension stages you experience confusion, emotional or doubt or any body aches or illness is temporary for the adjustment from a light body infused with the earthly body is essential and it adapts. Rest, drink water, pamper and self care, meditate, breathe into peace within a connection of your Sacred Self. Journal or do creative work that creates balance and ease in your life. Be patient, as it is a process we do not dictate. Be at comfort that this is not new but you have been here before and you can cope much better understanding we are eternal and our flame of passion and creation never dies. Being inspired and much loving light wishes of healing and alignment in peace in your ascension process is a gift not a curse. Take ease and many gratitude blessings to the Ascended Masters and Gods and Goddesses that help in areas that you do not find answers in the earthly limited realm of wisdom you have experienced before. Being a Light is needed at this time. Be blessed and thanks for reading. Peace and Ease to you. Namaste. Thank you for Being evolved and present now.


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