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Balance of Utilizing Creativity - Healium Style by Blue Thunder

Balance of Utilizing Creativity - Healium Style by Blue Thunder

Dear Creatives;

I wish to convey love to you and your existence now  and onwards. We all have come a long way and congratulations for hanging in there during these trying times. Life would be less stressful if we regressed to the old days of owning our own space and country. Where we would think of things to assist in the looming problems of homelessness, affordable housing, health education and care and not making education a choice between feeding oneself or getting into debt if financially challenged. We focus on raising our wages and making all states agree to a wage and cost of living that is across the board and not mixed up. How we would get to know our neighbors as alliances to community again by not ostracizing those that are not like us but have the right to exist in peace and live quality lives of rights that benefit all races, genders, cultures, spirituality and religious or other affiliations. It would be nice to be able to organize a neighborhood where gardening in the community was not a hobby or for those comfortable and not financially challenged but a way to create community and focus showing our children we can feed ourselves and each other without creating imbalances that create good or bad, poor or rich, unnecessary divisional labels that make us divide further. There is also this programming of division that is subtle in our education system from childhood for judgment that we do not realize creates the division and translates to racism. 

I think society has become too sensitive to raw or realness or reality. It creates a place where a person can be mentally ill from labels and these divisions to make one person bad at a touch of a button and others agree without thinking. We are not thinking clearly enough is something makes sense. We have become observers and taken videos of things that we needed to interact with instead of doing nothing. We have become self absorbed so that we do not even see that we are unattached to the moment we are given the opportunity to contribute waiting for others in our observer state to be ‘entertained.” We do not need to be entertained; we become like helpless children staying in the observers mode letting our computers and phone dictate your life instead of actively being involved and taking the action and not waiting for someone to do it for you and then blame others if we do not contribute or participate to get the results talked about, written about and spoken about and the next step is your responsibility to be the change. How do we become the change if we are waiting for someone else to do it or direct us constantly. We have brains and we should learn to use our bodies to move forward. There is too much obesity, vision and back and neck problems because we don’t even exercise our bodies to maintain our fleshly temples.

We are becoming self destructive this way. Be the change by being present and taking the action. I remember speaking to a very entrepreneurial person that creating is wonderful but it’s not always geared to work. Creativity is used for balance. Creating in play and enjoyment of activities resets the mind and not focus as our existence on our jobs. We have become unaligned believing if we keep creating only to our work or jobs that will satisfy us. Then overtime life becomes a drag to work because we didn’t use creativity to balance fully as in play and our passion or to explore new things that make life fresher and positive and not a drag filled with anxiety and frustration. We must be careful we self love ourselves in the types of way creativity gives us peace of mind and play. It helps reset the mind and the body and we are better and balanced for it. Get back to the basics that all is not in for just work. Learn to also see the change if you are living somewhere expensive, not to be too proud to live in a shared home where everyone has their space and has the schedule and respect each other’s time and schedules. This can be done by clearly having a balanced life. When you balance yourself and life; you can resolve anything and see change not as an inevitable hassle but a positive one and when you are clear you can discern the people you want in your life or not. 

I hope this makes sense as at Healium Center Foundation, Inc. in Atlanta…we created this type of philosophy for balance for less stress. The inner child is waiting for you to give it a turn without harming others to reset and move forward in balance and wholeness. We hope to serve you time and time again but at a manageable pace for our balance as well. It is my pleasure to convey this message to you…that is the most loving way I can share this message with you. Love of self is not selfish if you are able to see yourself and set your limitations when you are anxious and stressed; ask yourself is this for real? What can I do to achieve my rebalance and reset in my life so I am mind, body and spirit aligned? How long has it been since I played? Since I laughed, danced and sang? How long have I done something that is a much needed investment to my inner child to be whole in my life. Find something new to learn, revisit some creative passions or explore a new one that doesn’t require you to sacrifice yourself and your peace of mind in this journey towards the light. Learn to laugh and fill yourself with joy. We are all only here temporarily and making our way home. Hopefully, in a balanced and peaceful way. We are not worker bees but even bees stop to visit the flowers and they do not judge which one is good or bad but see the sweetness each offers and relish the moment.

No judgment of self or self pity anymore. There are ways to reset, rebalance and be whole. It’s not all work and no play…it is both and you set the boundaries to what your mind may run you ragged but your body will tell you and your mind when you start to feel anxious or overwhelmed or depressed. Be the Bright Balance Bundle of Positive Potential in this Journey toward the Light. Much loving light hugs. Namaste, Peace to you and Have a Balanced, Reset Day. Never forget yourself as a child of light and joy. Happy Self Love Day.


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