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Because of YOU...Poem written to my Son

Because of You...A FLAWED Poem for my Son (1998)

Because of you I am blessed with joy.

The day you came my baby boy!

Although you’ve grown and still will too!

Don't think we do not care for you!

You are my star -- my shining hope!

You are my son whom I can cope!

You are creative and inventive too!

You are what God has given you!

So bright, so witty ith unusual humor.

Your jokes are something that leave us in a stupor!

You are my nugs and love when I cry!

You are my smile when things go right!

I have alot of love for you!

And hope you do for all of us too!

The world is not dark or gloomy or bad.

Cheer up my son and be glad!

You have a home, a family and Snoops too!

You have us all to live with too!

So as you grow and feel down and out!

Hey, give us a shout and we’ll be about!

You also should take in stride!

The moods I’m in and stand aside!

You are not my past or problem either!

Nor are we and your sister either!

We are all humans with all types of emotions!

We are her because we have devotions!

God is a Light who give us life!

He is the One who has no strife!

He is not cruel, or even mean!

He gives us messages that can’t be seen!

He tries to give us choices to learn!

What we chose is not a final turn!

We have a path, an angel too!

We must have faith and not give up!

The human race does not suck!

We are all here for a purpose!

Although, to you it seem a circus!

Don’t ever think any terrible thoughts…

Because we all reap the fate we wrought!

I hope you understand what you’ve read!

When things do go right -- keep this by your bed!

It will help see the Light you shed!

It’s because of you I see there is love.

It’s because of you I see there is hope.

Forget my rhymes and all my joes!

Here is a poem that I just wrote!



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