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Being the Head and the People the Body Teachings

Don't be the head of the people who are the body if you don't allow them to make mistakes and do things themselves to become their own head once they get skill sets they need. We are here to uplift each other and help each other grow. If we stay the head giving out orders and then tired and frustrated because we ourselves don't realize you don't have to be perfect; you don't have to be in control to be safe; and you don't have to have it your way because there is a variety of people out there in this world and they have ideas and ways of living we may not all understand but that doesn't mean one is right or wrong. Walk in their shoes and you will see what they think is their way that may work too. If you have travelled but don't have the acceptance and openness than you have been traveling blind... keep you eyes open and learn and learn to listen and not just be a talking head. Or for those who like to be the head and the body for a group of people; you are doing a disservice not to motivate, teach and even learn different ways your students are able to do things & they can't do anything unless you are there?!. Make yourself open to new ideas and new ways that can work. Much love.

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