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Boundaries by Blue Thunder

March 7, 2019 | Blue Thunder

Boundaries tell you and others that you have a focused way of being. That you are human and need to tend to yourself in order to be whole. It is not unusual for healers to forget this and nurturers, caregivers, & parents or teachers to forget themselves and their balanced role of self care. It is essential if you are a caregiver that you show your clients that you too can need care and are human. To evade; self care when you are sick does not create understanding and boundaries. If you hide you are sick or not well and do not voice it; then you are doing a disservice to yourself and your health. If you are not whole; you cannot serve well. Now let's take it from the patient's understanding that caregivers need time to themselves to reflect, recoup and do the things that make their lives flow with ease in order to tend to them. Sometimes, patient/clients, don't have that capacity and the caregiver must reach out and get assistance for an hour here or there or reward themselves maintaining the mental health and life. Sometimes a good ear, a person checking in and maybe a walk 30 minutes a day will help. Breathing helps in all situations and pay attention to your breath when you walk. Are you holding your breath? Instead, breath through anything that causes you to waiver, forget or hesitate you are doing a great service.. Love yourself and breath in love and gratitude into your mouth and into your lungs and into your belly. Then count to 4 and release all the stress. If it must be forced out as what you it and then continue to do this until your breath is quieter and gentler. Be gentle to yourself. The divine is in you and you've just forgotten and welcome back. Much Much Love.


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