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Break-through Illusions into Manifestation with God Thor

By Blue Thunder

11/28/2018 - "Breaking-through Illusions into Manifestation" The Universal Life Lesson comes from the Nordic God - Thor. He is a giant and very oxen muscled with red long beard and hair. He wears a Viking Hat and carries a Hammer. He is known as the Protector of both those who dwell on Earth and to the Gods/Goddesses in the Heavens that battles evil. This God dwells in Uppala but he will take your Sacred body on a journey to Valhalla (Nordic Heavens) to the "Hall of Mirrors of Illusions." As you breathed in peace in through your nose and lungs and body; your spine began to root and connect deeply into Mother Earth. Each breath you melted into the Provider, The Nurturer and gives all you need to dwell on Earth. Relaxing with every breath and release your stress and anxiety. Relaxing your jaw and your neck and face and shoulders deeply as you are One with Mother Earth. Now breath very gently relaxed in this Sacred time you have gifted yourself. It is time to be one with your divinity. Your Pure Light Helpers are here to guide, guard and protect your Earthly and Sacred Body. Your Sacred body looks into the night sky and there's a vortex of compassion that is golden and it feels warming and embraces of our Sacred Bodies. As we pass through the vortex into a space and time; there is the God Thor awaiting for your arrival. He tells you it is time to break your illusions in life. Fear is an illusion, anything that has stopped you emotionally is an illusion, lack is an illusion, lack of power is an illusion, trauma that stops you is an illusion, dependency of something or someone to please and living your life for them an illusion. Those who taught you, raised you, hired you do not equate the true you. It is time to identify your Illusions in the Hall of Mirrors.  Suddenly you look down and see a river to Valhalla. There are two small Viking vessels - one is for you to ride and the other larger for the God Thor. He is ready to protect and assist you on this journey. As you get in the vessel; it floats effortlessly along side Thor. He is mighty and intimidating but he is not here to defeat do enough of this in your mind. You keep floating down the river and come into a mist of green and through this mist your vessel lands onshore as you feel the boat nudge it. Thor gets out of his vessel and he stretches his mighty hand to help you get out of your vessel. Such a gentle giant. You see a few feet away a castle with many spires and you are at the castle gates. The castle gates lift for both of you and you walk to steps to the castle doors which are large and enormous. They open for your arrival at Thor's urging.  As you enter the hall; Thor says: "We must go to the Sanctuary where your Sacred work is done!" He leads you to the Upper Sanctuary and there inside this room is a very large grizzly bear rug with head and body outstretched and Thor instructs you to sit upon this rug.  He says that in order for the New You and Year to form; we must break these illusions you've created in your mind. It is time to walk in your Divine Path and do the work you were destined to do but we must see these illusions in each mirror that forms around you clearly. See as many or one mirror stretched around you of illusions. The illusion you are not good enough, not powerful, not enough in knowing your darkness and light and loving yourself in all your imperfections to see the illusion truthfully.  After awhile you see your illusions and Thor throws down his hammer for you without doubt or hesitation to break the illusions you have created and blocked yourself in being fully present and the Universe awaits your contribution in following your divine path. As you break the Mirrors of Illusions; you feel free and certain of who you are and what your passion is to be happy. You feel the freedom to explore and see who you are and remember that you are not here to make other's happy but to find your purpose; see what you do that made someone happy not doing to make them happy. You will find the pattern is a healthy pattern of purpose instead of finding something to do that is not your passion to make others happy. Then you live your life for others this way or from other's expectations or self limited creations of dependency or conditions only triggered to make them happy and losing yourself and your purpose. Look at your to-do list and see how many times you've avoided or made an excuse to help someone instead of knowing who you are and what makes you happy and your real purpose...self discovery is for the Warrior and you are one. The Universe awaits your arrival so we are evolving and growth together and fulfilling the energetic vibration of our path.  Let's get going and be free of illusions and barriers of our energetic imprint and positive contributions on Earth. You thank Thor for his guidance, his lessons and protection. You both leave the Sanctuary back down to the castle entrance, to the vessels you rode on and leave Valhalla and float back to the Golden Compassionate Vortex into the Earthly realm and into the room and back into your body. You are light and free and able to take the steps towards 2019. Happy New You and Happy New Year! Thank you so much and Namaste and Peace to you. Take care and share and be unified being present in you seeing each other as  gift to each other and the Earth. Much love.


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