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Brush It Off - Getting Familiar with Your Energy

Repost of a Meditation back in July 2019:

July 25, 2019 | Blue Thunder

Hello my Beautiful Earthdwellers! Yesterday at Healium's Open Studio & Jam Wednesday; I channelled the Universal Lessons of the Time with you all. It was a pleasure to serve. In this storytelling sound heal; we breathed in peace and grounded growing roots like trees connecting to Mother Earth. We did this a few times as our Pure Light Helpers where here to guide, guard, protect and support you in this journey back to Sacred Self. Have you noticed how a person may be angry or sad  or ill or depressed and you've spent time with them and start feeling their emotions or symptoms of complaints? This is the time to revisit that you are energy and maintain it with maintenance and focus of clarity. Your empathic qualities soaked this up in compassion and understanding but you do not need to hold onto this once the lesson is learned. As our Earthly body was grounded and relaxed; our Sacred body was going on an adventure. It was a dark and starry night in the sky and the moon above you was so bright and this swirl of blue light came down from the sky and into the top of your head into your Sacred body and swirled around you. As it wrapped around you; your heart expanded and the blue light carried you to another dimension where you saw a huge Rose Quartz Temple. The stone of Self Love and the columns glowed with the soft pink rose quartz and had a domed top. There were steps into the temple. You looked down and saw your feet had sandals and you started to walk up the steps into this Self Loving Temple. Each step your heart was filled with pure love. As you walked up; you smelled roses in the air. There were petals in a hallways that you followed leading to a room where your Muse. A Muse is one who inspires you and empowers you. What does your Muse look like? What are the clothing colors, style, hair and features and body shape/build? Is your Muse one who looks like someone you may know? You look at your Muse who had smiling eyes and welcomed you back into this room that had an easel and canvas with brushes and paints to use to release what empower and inspires you on it. You thought of all limitations or blockages/energies of other's in clouds that surrounded your head and parted as you became stronger in the commitment and focus of clarity of empowerment and inspiration in your life. The clouds simply parted and floated away making the vision of your painting on canvas so strong. As you finished your painting of empowerment and inspiration; you realized you have the choice to be so clear and strong because you are Sacred and Honor your Divinity. You thanked your Muse and took this energy back out of the Rose Quartz Templed down the steps and floated back into the room we were in back into our Earthly body. Then we did an exercise to points in our hands to feel your energy and expanded the hands a little wider to feel the soft pressure of your energy. Then I asked you to understand we expand our energy out into other's field's of energy and have to maintain our own and pull ours back in (pranic healing). It was like a piece of bread spreading peanut butter on it making the energy flow, move and smooth. You then were instructed to feel the energy all over your body to see expanded out and others in and moving it by smoothing it out. You then felt excessive energy and brushed it off of you of others and your reptilian brain as well. You understand that you need to maintain and revisit your energy field to be whole and the other's do not need to be kept or maintained physically, thought-wise or emotionally. That you must clear your energy when you are work with people each time to be whole and present in your path of Divinity. Keep this in mind. Try to do this with Tai Chi or Chi Gong exercises to understand energy must have a flow to be positive and negative or other's people's energy is not yours to hold. It was a pleasure to serve and teach through Spirit. Thank you for Being Here, Peace to You and Namaste.


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