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"Change Gonna Come!" Like the song by Sam Cooke

So many raw emotions, so many truth-seekers, or heart-soothers and releases of all that is ugly or dark is to be revealed and yes it is inside each and everyone of us for reasons and experiences no one would want to experience and what this enables is the acceptance of healing whatever you feel, think or think you know.

We cannot bash each other into unconditional love and justice. We cannot bash each other into understanding and equality. We cannot bash each other for equal rights, pay, living conditions, medical care, education and healing. We must use our minds, our voices and our connections to undo the long time acceptance of our eyes being blindfolded because it is way too long and we are high vibrations helping each other to evolve, understand, forgive, confess without judgment or condemnation. Hurt, pain, anger need healing, love, listening and dialogue to really be a world we all want for the good of all, for the rights of all and for harmony and abundance opportunities.

People don't want sympathy and understanding....there's the next true step for action and oath and honor in undoing what we ancestrally accepted without question. Time to start with yourself. We don't bash ourselves when we do see our darkness or ugly parts but try to be aware, admit, and heal it. We are one tribe globally and we gotta do better...yes "a change gonna come". Ready? Much love, peace, wisdom & hope is here beyond this growth period into manifestation of a new world that may need dismantling, tearing down and organized and real solutions to get healing started and forward into progress. This didn't happen overnight and it takes a large country with so many state laws to unify to undo the harm it has done to citizens because of bias. Much love and hope and prayers you link up to those who can make laws and follow them and learn the divine lesson here is Universal Lesson of Compassion.


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