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Choose the White Wolf not the Dark Wolf during Dark Times

An astrologer I call the Priestess told my husband that darkness has come onto the people of this world and to watch out for yourselves and others. Keep each other on check basis and ask if darkness has come to you to swallow you or to test your choice of the light. There are so many afflicted with darkness that we have seen the demons up front in our faces that smile and tells words of lies and insincerity. You know you are looking at a devil as one moment they choose to be the 'light' and another moment they participate and dance with the 'darkness.' Sometimes, they will tell you that you are darkness yet your inner voice says they are afflicted be kind and separate from them...the words they are telling you is what I feel snakelike energy try to coil and strangle and hold you in their will of darkness...yet they do not know darkness has them. They may walk upon this earth even as mentors, teachers and healers or your own relatives. Darkness separates families and friends because if you ask your own motive came from selfish means to divide and hurt and conquer when they say you are 'darkness' be wary of these people. They may emit light as a veil and than behind the scenes plan and manipulate to enjoy the divisiveness they maintain and advise you the same because their own world is chaos at the moment. You may feel sorry but you will know in the end that they were immersed by the cloak of darkness when they say vile things behind your back...they think if they betray you that you will suffer. Oh no I leave my life open and they only end up hurting themselves and they can get help or stay in the guise of many who wear this cloak of darkness. Stay away from them. Pray for the light always be ignited and it immerse them and all of everything making it clean and good. Be honest and even if the darkness comes with a smile and can also stem with a mind of lack or jealousy that they want something you have...your life, your loved one and lose morality by trying to divide and entice with an intention of only self means, survival and gain. Be wary of these people; if they have power or see you as an imagined threat; than the lack mode of life is their mindset and they continue to make immoral choices to survive and will deny it in your face. Stay away and pray for purelight and healing to all. Stay in the Light. If speaking that someone has less light and you are perfect or in defensive mode; you are telltaling that you need healing and turn to the light do not choose to be the dark wolf and learn and be the light wolf on your path. Much love


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