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Choose to Block or Flow on Your Path of Life (You Only Live Once)


When giving advise and receiving it. Make sure the tendency of each other is not to talk yourself out of things that you can flourish with and then it spreads to finding things to block others from flourishing by overcaution. Be careful to weigh out for yourself if that is their own fear and blocking by over analyzing and finding a problem instead take space and breath. Ask yourself; the pattern or tendency is to block or flow? Then you will know whether to discern if this feels good or not to you. Find people who are doing what you do already and flourishing and see them as your light forward. If they themselves are afraid and stopping themselves than think again whether this resource is helping you at all or is it a combination of fear and assistance and overthinking. Overthinking can really drain you and if you get off track with blocks; you can get discourage. Feel out the resources you ask for advice. We can all strive if we believe in ourselves and take baby steps.

I had in-laws so overly analytical to talk themselves out of things or of each other and kill the flow or joy in their life. Don't do that. Feel the joy of moving forward not setting you back. There's so much potential in all of us to strive. Hang out with people who do the same thing as you and want to flourish and find creative solutions.

I am at the point in my life I can see the block not ill intended but from their own slow step from the cocoon of growth. I have been out of the cocoon and am comfortable with my abilities and flaws. I cannot be limited because another person limits themselves. I am multi equipped to do what I want. I also am respectful of others and their abilities. I say this with complete love; look beyond the pod or box you come from and keep going. If I cannot do something because of this or that; I will do as I please. I am not here to burn out over blocks or restrictions. I move forward in joy in whatever I please in this stage of life.

We are the restrictors or the movers and your choice all the time.

So whenever someone tries to block me with their own views; I let them know gently there are other ways and I can be whatever I want and go and please as I want. I have earned this state of being FREE TO DO MY PASSIONS by many years of hard work, trials and challenges. I will be happy as a choice and thrive. I am also blessed to know I don't have to work to be someone. I don't have to earn on a consistent pace as others. It's just what turned out because of other sacrifices and triumphs that allowed this in my life. This applies to my Beloved as well. I am at the stage some will relate being older I can play because I worked hard since the age of 16. I've earned my throne and I also earned the time to play and express all the good, bad and ugly and beautiful moments to share with you. Life is too short for stagnancy. Flow can do it. That's all.


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