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Collective Journey of Challenges - Sphinx (Inner Reflection) 12/29/2005

This journey takes place with the Gods and Goddesses on Mt. Olympus (Upper World/Upper Realm). I am immediately taken up in white light as a dove to Zeus on his throne. I see a Goddess and am told her name is Ghyldeptis (synthesis) is working with me this time. Goddess of Anger - Sekhmet is present here and there during the holiday season in all too familiar situations we have not karmically cleared up. Anger the trigger of emotions opposite of joy. Depending on how we interconnect with compassion can lead to love and ease.

However, the Goddess that is universally working with us all is the Goddess of Challenge - Sphinx. She has wings of an Eagle, foot and body of a Lioness and tail of a Snake. Her breasts are exposed and her Head is of a Woman. She is known to ask you questions if you travel upon her domain.

She asks you to look at a challenge no longer from a struggling sense of energy. She asks you to see not from face value but at a higher position of neutrality. She asks you to welcome it and embrace it.

She has told me that there are many people who study religious and studious books on the "how to" of life. These people will usually get challenge to smack them in their faces. There are no books to follow and truth and integrity are very important at this time but most importantly Love is the most important. With Love you can love yourself and others in a universal way. There will be many more masses of 'deaths' in much quantity and speed.

Saying you are naive is no excuse to lack of wisdom. Be aware of your associations and whom you connect to. Integrity on this earth also involves your private lives. If you are not carrying yourself in a respectful manner; you are not respecting the Universe. How can one learn or teach integrity if their lifestyle is of a nature of unGodlike manner? Affairs, abuse, greed, gossip, jealousy, hate and wearing the masks of falsehood.

Falsehood is not truth but a layer between ego and truth. Remove your masks of appearances and see all of what and who you are. If you are a 'fallen angel;' pick yourself up and ask for divine guidance and light. Make friends with Death. Death is not cryptic or about physical death but a transition of fulfillment. Death to all ties, relationships, aspects of being will occur.

The Mystery will unfold and call to those seeking truth to their challenges, through their anguish and pain and some even from bliss and joy. Only to find that the mystery was an illusion and the answers are within.

Stay on the right path, the Path of Light. We must ask ourselves what is good energy? Does good energy equate wisdom? No, good energy is a state of being. Everyone is good energy but unlike the emotions of that emit us to react to certain kinds of energy that are unlike us cause this reaction. Unpleasant reactions are responding to a call to change your ways of living.

Sometimes, our dispute is not against the person or subject at hand; it is the energy we share on the same karmic level or energy we are working to spread to the masses.

Remember when we knock another down; we knock our own grounded feet as well. Share the knowledge with each other; it is of value to those the wisdom is for. One way to do things is not the always the way. We cannot use our path as the 'how to' book to life but only exhibit how it worked for us.

If you have a problem with different results of a situation mirrored in others; you have a problem with acceptance. You can create positive affirmations and results if only the focus was of peace. If we measure each other's imperfections then we are judging from ego. We cannot all think the same but we can end up at the same road. Judging wastes time and efforts of transition.

Transformation is essential because we are the creative force. The piece of the ever-present God. We aren't separate. If we cannot value ourselves; then we cannot value others. We are unique but the same! Ask yourself questions of how much we have encountered those that are different from us form rejection or acceptance? Be honest and see how much or how far you will have come or will continue to grow.

There will be teachers of good energy unable to teach. There are good students and good teachers. Where would we be if we had only one kind of situation/teacher? Do not forget yourself at all, do no discredit different perspectives and possibilities. Afterall, we can create our future with our intent and effort. Remember the light focus to healing with a divine thought of well-being. This is the message. Namaste.


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