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Compassion in Action

Compassion in action speaks louder and moves from words into results. Have you been sticking to your word today? Have you tried to journey out of familiarity into the unknown to learn and grow today? When you work as a team? Can you respect each other's input and acknowledge when it remains a team effort or to graciously move along?

Truth is great space to be in...truth does not allow being offensive or defensive; it calls for calm resolve and peaceful results. Empath's need to know that truth felt from another; examine to see if it truly resonates with your truth.

Peace and love evolve when we know that we are linked but at different times and allowance of expansion for only moments in the Spiritual mind's eye. Be one in truth and know that Earth is not only the realm of lessons but part of of the body's test to link with your soul and see what is really is or something laughable to know it will pass or has and the emotions triggered are all our past, past lives and results of familiar responses to acknowledge whether it applied at all.

Peace and love today and always.Love yourself and move in positive movement, positive transformation and peace...peace evolves in so many possibilities. Vibrate peace inwards and outward without judgement and allow PEACE to be the mode of existence. Much Love.


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