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Connecting to Father Sun 4/6/2023

Hello Sol/Sun Lovers;

It is the time of year that Father Sun is more prominent. The vitamin D3 is essential for all life, our bones and outlook and growth. Without the Father Sun to provide light, warm and solar food for all life on earth; we would not be able to enjoy the plants that we plant to beautify, save the soil or feed ourselves with. Our bones would be in bad shape without it.

It reminds me of the times I see people who are ‘night owls’ in my family. I call them “House Plants” and get out in the Sun. It is essential to have the light as some people are affected by the change of weather when the sun is not present in the Fall and Winter months. They suffer from depression and lack of inspiration. Father Sun is the Solar or Masculine Power we all have within us to use our logic and strength. Imagine the solar power in your 3rd Chakra which is yellow…the wheel of energetic inspiration and standing in your truth and power. When we are not in our own power; we do not stand or speak up for ourselves. Sometimes, people do get affected with powerful souls on earth and retaliate by trying to bring them down and find criticism in terms of pulling them down. Don’t let that bother you; remove yourself from such nonsense and laugh inside knowing that is when a person finds you a threat. That is ego and that is also a trigger or button inside them that gets tapped by our positive energy when they lack the love for themselves.

Knowing yourself is important and what you share is also as well with likeminded people who are not closed from trauma or restrictive upbringing or teachings. The righteous ones who think ‘others’ are not as good or blessed as them due to religious, scholastic, gender affiliations, culture and ancestral domination of others passed down knowing or unknowingly upon some of us by our inability to be comfortable in knowing we are all Divinity. We are all beautiful and teach or show us something valuable to reflect what is the positive transformational message this may touch on if we need to correct our own limited behaviors, words and beliefs. Sometimes, we feel so strongly that even Father Sun cannot ignite the flames of removing the veils of limitations in our lives and we stay in the comfort of darkness, separation or privilege. See each other from the Same Loving Creator/Creatrix; and we will all get along.

As I was told at the Temple of Universality on ‘Palm Sunday’ Passover educational gathering of healers and beautiful lights; I was told by different healers messages and one was that I worked with Moon Medicine alot and the Sun needs to be worked on. She told me through her Feather painting medicine and verbal messages directly to me. I was blessed to receive these urgings forward in my sacred path. So today I went as requested by Father Sun to spend time with him. It was a sunny day and I went to a local park. The birds were around and they were flying around bushes and trees. I sat on a concrete table and took my Arizona Yaqui rattle and didgeridoo. I sat and heard Father Sun giving me advice. I thanked him for speaking to me as I recollected the times I would merge in Shamanic Journeying in my earlier days studying Shamanism with Father Sun and the liquid flames of fire of inspiration and these flames were not destructive. I sat there and kept listening. He told me that both myself and my husband and family were growing in our own space. We all needed the space to work on and be ourselves. We were offtrack trying to think we had to do for each other that we felt a negative which was really a need to be on our own and work on ourselves and truths of realizations we told each other or shared in efforts to improve but became too much massive information and let the silence and space be our own gift in the doorway of our higher selves to reflect and improve and have the space, time and gratitude to do it. It was divine timing.

I was told that I came to Arizona and would be traveling and the land of the Sun. That the God Apollo in Heliopolis is the legend of the city of the sun in Greek mythology. It is where Apollo carried Father Sun across the sky and the legendary phoenix birds sang their early rising song that Apollo stopped to listen to on his honored task to assist Father Sun to be seen as we all needed this light on earth.

Father Sun beckoned me to travel to him so my Jaguar (first dominant animal) took care of my earth body and my Bear (brown) traveled with me into the upper realm into the sky to visit Father Sun. I thought I may travel on the back of my Sacred Guardian Bear but instead I became a White Polar Bear and traveled in the Cosmos side by side and to Father Sun past the void and all he said and the many stars. He kept telling me that we all need balance knowing the Feminine Divine and acknowledge the positives of the Masculine Divine despite past Patriarchal rulings that did not recognize both as valuable and essential for peace within and outside of each of us.

Father Sun had arms and and heart. Both unharmed the flames and it didn’t burn us. We were playfully held in the palms of Father Sun both my Bear and Myself as the White Polar Bear. I saw the Sun’s heart and the Light from Father Sun ignited our palms sitting in his own palms. The balls of fire were in each of our palms and were encouraged to play with the fire unharmed that formed into energy balls. We tossed these and then merged as we faced each other as bears and then placed our own balls of fire into our solar plexus… the power center of each of us and then came close to merge our balls to each other. We felt the power and playfully let the flames unite as one. We were brothers and sisters of the Sun. Then I gave Father sun and a multi-faceted heart-shaped crystal that encased water as a necklace.. Each was coated with a protective covering that the heat could not destroy. Father Sun laughed and told us it was time for us to return back to earth and we traveled as we placed our energy balls in ourselves and flew together back into my earthly body and my Spiritual Guardian went inside my earth body to merge the experience of this lesson. I thanked all and my key power animals for their protection and the lesson to Father Sun. I tossed ‘fire’ roses to and all around Father Sun energetically and intentionally in gratitude. I then took my rattle from Shaman Pasqua Yaqui Elder named ‘WindRaven’ and rattled thank you to the 7 directions and the same on Father Sun in the Sky and then all the 4 elements and wood, metal and nature spirits of each and the plants and animals and all creations. I rattled for the power to be ignited with the response of all living on this earth utilizing the higher self with compassion. We had already experienced duality and the negatives of what the polar opposite of what it is in the negative to warrant the time for the positives to be focused on…unity, oneness and empowerment and inspiration a gift from Father Sun.

It was time for me to play my Didgeridoo to show my love and intentions and prayers for all of us on this earth, this Universe and other Universes causing no harm within and outside of ourselves first and near us to each other and to other living beings. We are blessed and I share this lesson and message from Father Sun to you. I hope you feel the flames and warmth of loving inspiration and self empowerment. We are not alone and we must learn to accept ourselves, those near us and those far from us…in this solar system or the next.

My pleasure to impart these lessons from the Solar Power of Light - Father Sun. I am humbled and honored to share and continue learning. Namaste, Peace to you and Much Solar Hugs in strength, inspiration and igniting the inner fire within to be one with self sitting in your own Seat of Power. Peace.


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