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Creating your Sacred Space: Boundaries with Durga

Story-telling Crystal Bowl Meditation by Blue Thunder from Interfaith Spiritual Sanctuary: 10/24/2018 - The Goddess Durga is an Indian Devi. Goddesses all different like Kali, Parvati, and a few others but all are one as the Feminine Divine. She rides a tiger and has many arms with weapons. A warrior against demons. She was asked upon for help by all the Gods and Goddesses that battled against demons as one named "Durga" could not be defeated. The final shape the demon changed to was a buffalo. She was able to defeat each form the demon came in. She is here to teach you about boundaries. This is the universal lesson of the time.

Have you felt pulled in directions by people, do you feel that people are imposing on your space and time? Do you feel disconnected to yourself because you have given so much there is nothing left? How many times have you blown up out of this situation gone on too long because you have not monitored your sacred space at the initial point your boundaries are pushed? It is time to create your space after breathing purity into your body, lungs and heart, ground yourself connected like a tree to Mother Earth. She clothes, feeds and shelters you. Keep breathing in this pure light into your body, lungs and heart and send all anxiety, stress and what does not empower you into Mother Earth.

Now it is time to honor and self love yourself by creating a nurturing, supportive and protective space. You breath in this soft pink light of self love into and around your body and in your heart and cells. You feel this with every breath. You continue to breath this in gently as you feel your muscles relax, your spine deeply rooted knowing that your earthly body and sacred are protected, guided as your Pure Light Helpers are here. This is a safe space and it is your time. Nothing can interfere with your sacred space.

Your sacred body goes to a space where you feel it is your own and a sanctuary. See the surroundings. It is a forest, jungle, your room, a tree house, desert....take notice of the surroundings in this space. It is not negative to create this space for you. The Goddess Durga is there waiting for you. She has fierce eyes and looks at you. You feel safe and know that she is there to assist you in creating your sacred space. She is on top of a tiger and her many arms hold weapons she places on the ground and she gets off her tiger and it rests at her feet. She stands in front of you dress in red wearing her Warrior Devi crown. She tells you: "How long have you allowed outer influence identify who you are and in your space to the point you do not know who you are or where you stand? It is time to create your boundaries. You draw a line in your space as it can go as far or small as you need for you to feel this space is yours. It is a sanctuary where you are asked to put in this space without people what nurtures you, what protects you and what inspires you." You draw the line see how large or small the space you need is. You feel it til is good. You put things like crystals, instruments, candles, things that identify you and all you are. You sit in this space knowing that no one can have this space. It is yours and you breath in the space.

There is nothing wrong in creating this time for you. It is an act of self love you are a Warrior of Peace. You need no weapons or violence to create your space because you know at the initial point you feel your boundaries are pushed you will say: "I cannot do that." "I don't agree and dislike this idea..." "I respect you and your boundaries as well as mine. I ask you to respect my boundaries and respect me." This is the way not to impose on each other. There you stand knowing who you are and where you stand. You breath this in and feel it. You are Sacred and Divine.

It is time to take this feeling of you back to your Earthly body and give thanks to Goddess Durga. You return back to your earthly body and will continue to walk and state your boundaries. Your space can be created simply in your mind taking a breath and doing this. Depending on outer influences; your space will expand or contract as needed. Durga asks you be loyal to you and your boundaries. Peace to you and Namaste. Thank you and this journey was inspired by "The Goddess Oracle" by Amy Marashinsky and weaved into my connection with Goddess. Much love.


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