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Creating Your Sacred Space to Protect Your Energetic Body

During my days when I lectured and demonstrated at Whole Foods Markets;

I was practicing Reiki and Reflexology. The psychic school had mini classes and took one about creating Sacred Space. It is the ability to create a space others honor with energetic boundaries.

Today Spirit told me that I will learn a way to create this space a bit differently. Instead of using the tools to mark and clear the area from the psychic school; I would encounter this with guarding myself from dark energies. As I was setting up; Ascended Master asked me to create a bubble of white light around my entire body and fill it with so much Light as a man was approaching me and my Guides told me that he was a dark energy and create the Bubble now! As he was walking down the long aisle towards me; I did as requested; he then was confused and turned to go into another aisle. I practiced this at other times when I felt a darkness.

At other times the psychic technique to create sacred space with neutralizing psychic tools. When I used them; people would suddenly back up and give me space. I wasn't controlliing them but maintaining my space. I would practice this mentally in my car when someone was following me to closely and to avoid road rage and the car would slow down and or change lanes.

You have the right to feel safe and have space to yourself. Sometimes, I would create sacred space energetically with a customer service rep and the conversation would go smoothly. Other times I would use the tools you use your mind and intention with a mechanic or someone I felt was a little bit too close for my comfort or may take advantage of me because I was a woman. If I was clear and wasn't emotional; it would be great. There are ways to protect yourself without violence or screaming.

Try to create sacred space by mentally doing the bubble of white light around you and see if this deters or helps others move along without conflict. I wish you luck and lots of self respect prayers.


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