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Demand Peaceful Resolve and Higher Self Solutions

Dear Beloveds;

Stand for peace. Try not to be biased or have an agenda and utilize meditation for clarity. Let everything that influences your thoughts be clear and unattached to those you love and respect’s influences. Try to be a clear running water in a waterfall…let all debris of judgment should, would and clouds be lost like the clouds in your mind clearing away. If we breathe in peace and into every muscle, relaxing our jaw and forehead, relaxing our shoulders and the tensions in parts of your body that need peace to be one in wholeness. Peace does begin with you. Breathe this in and allow the Pure White Light of cleansing to enfold and embrace you. I then was grounded and breathed in a pure light bubble around me and into my cells and then at the top of my head golden light of compassion from Kuan Yin and Jesus Christ (Feminine and Masculine Divine symbols of unconditional love.) Then I became a grounded large lotus of a violet flame where the petal spun out any negativity and I became a violet flame of Father-Mother God energy). Reset, resilient and resolved. Try this with breathing in the lights a few times til you feel it and know intuitively it is around and you are immersed in this. The Gods and Goddess of different expressions and lessons of the Gods are holding you dear for your renewal, reset and rebirth into compassion. You are compassionate. Feel it, breathe it and simply BE IT!

In this morning's mediation. I grounded into Mother Earth and greeted her. I remember the blog of the phases of the earth sounds and the Fall and Winter bring the opportunity of inner reflection. We are darkness and light together and variations of this duality. Do we always need duality? Sometimes, not. We need to focus on a simple goal…peace. I saw Mother Earth passing automatically all layers to the core and then grounded holding her as a child holds their own birth mother. She is the nurturer and what we are doing in our daily lives; is destroying her. She will be fine when we are gone but we can make amends and stop production or corruption and destruction by being sensible and loving in preserving her and respecting her and all we take from her for granted. Do we love her, the provider of all that hear, see, touch and taste and smell? Do we understand the progress without compassionate production not just for our species and life form but for others that inhabit this earth. All that she has is a gift with unconditional love. Do we practice the same example of unconditional love?

Why do we need weapons and more advanced technology of destruction? Why do we need to train our youth that those not like you are the enemy and do chaotic things for their own benefit. When do we understand we are all on one earth to live. The divine plan is to learn harmony and peace and assist us all in resolving peace. How do we recognize that we can choose peace? That we can choose to dialogue. Our children need hope, peace, love, harmony and a healthy Mother Earth and space they belong. We do all belong here. How do we melt the hardness we have acquired through centuries of feeling unheard, unseen, undervalued, persecuted and hated for age-old centuries of our ancestors and those carrying the ‘torch of justice’ that is so outdated and doesn’t apply to the ever changing world.

When a group of people are persecuted the same way as others that history has recorded around the globe; we must learn to not repeat the same patterns of coping and survival skills. Are we being lied to believe so the impact of destruction is justified? Is destruction justified? We must learn by healing ancestral traumas whether it is the Indigenous or any other groups of culture, religion or affiliations that peace gives us opportunity to respect oneself and others existence. Creating space for peace and quality life. No walls, fences, or the military can give you peace. Our military should be trained to rebuild and not destroy. History has given us the lessons of war and its effect on our soldiers, the environment and civilians suffering. We must choose quality of life and the rights of all to experience this long term.

There are still not enough basic needs on reservations for housing with running water. A truck must be funded and water to bring to the Navajo reservation. If we get rid of the name reservation, education, allowance to heal and have the fundings to self preserve a culture to exist peacefully then forgiveness will happen after they thrive. We cannot deny all around the globe we have done injustices from human to human, animal to human, resources to human and mineral and plants or land to human. We must stop this self destruction and keep demanding others a right to exist with the same abundance given to all and not some.

The homeless need homes, the mentally or physically ill need wellness and treatments into wholeness. The uneducated need a choice of future potential and goals. The unclothed need our clothes, our shoes, our coats and our compassion, jobs created to provide and government funding to assist and educate people from nothing into something positive. We need these kind of service. We need to believe we do not disrespect a homeless person on the street because they have much to share and are teaching us gratitude. It’s not for a certain time of year…it’s a lifetime. Planting fruits and vegetables on our side walks. Having spaces for showering with cleaning and towels and community centers for temporary and create jobs working with the mentally ill in separate places. Knowing the stigma of not having or being someone is only a stepping stone into positive support that is funded and there consistently. We must do better.

Love is the answer with full action, full policy and full attention into betterment, not isolating and ignoring the unpleasant state of being of others but assisting as good Samaritans and being paid for it. Our caregivers and our teachers need worthy pay. Our voice and our equal rights occur when we demand it for all, not for some. Be the saint or sage in someone’s life not only once but link them to other assistance they may need deeper help and have these programs.

Giving assistance to those who can be of service to others is a blessing when we pay it forward. I remember when my mother died of Covid and I was at a Jamaican restaurant and the dessert reminded me of the Filipino dessert and I was talking sentimentally about it. A man was watching me and ordered food. He was in line before us and a/c man. A working man who had a heart. He told the lady he was paying for our meals. I didn’t quite know until I got up to pay. This was love from a brother who didn’t know me. I am so blessed and thanked him tearfully as he was pulling out his van to leave. The blessings of getting a veggie burger and a man half my age paying for my meal because I smiled at him and talked joyfully and hopefully. I was so touched. These are the little acts of kindness but can we do it in the long haul? Can we produce programs that assist others to heal and lift off and be independent and pay if forward as the person being helped. We don’t need fake; we need real.

This is the time onwards to focus on peace, unity and love and actions towards healing and repairs. Show our military men and women their positive potential in helping people rebuild and start again. Well, that’s all I’ve got to share and say. I wish you all wellness and unified peaceful resolve in all our days. Namaste and peace to you.


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