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Duality taught by Nature

Solar - Lunar Eclipse Meditation: 8/23/2017 by Donna Peera

Inspired by the duality or polarity of this amazing shifts prior to and ongoing focuses on changes around and within you.

You are changing whether you are aware or not by the shifting of your balance and question of clarity, question of the path to sacredness and peace. You cannot know complete wisdom of the opposite spectrums are not experienced to become ONE into balance.

Many people experienced the Masculine Energy of War and Strategies without Emotion or Calm. Now the time of the Feminine is coming like the Moon upon the Sun Monday.

It is the time now for quiet reflection/silence/stillness and breathing into the Light what is YOU, Who are YOU and is this the path to take with or without those alone the way? Separation or moving into a path that answers your sacredness and divinity is not always understood as positive because of illusional attachment.

It is time to take notice truly who you are by experiencing this exercise of duality. Soft power is not weakness in the Feminine and healing through this process is essential to your balance universally and in unity.

Feel the emotion you are experiencing a majority of the time...pick one positive or negative is not bad or good but simply sit with this.

Then imagine yourself breathing in peaceful white light into you and your heart. Then allow you earthly body to be protected and guided and grounded as your sacred floats upwards into the cosmos..the serenity of the stars around you.

Then see yourself seeing the eclipse and notice the separation before and merging and then complete balance. Float towards a planet where you softly land on a sunny day on the earth and there's a huge Heart-shaped crystal of rose quartz color. A soft pink stone of self love the embodiment of purity in white light (clarity) and red light (your passion) combined into pink and breath in this pure love, you come from love and you are LOVE and let it expand from your heart with every breath.

Take this moment to feel the emotion and see opposite and merge together in balance and oneness and gain the light wisdom that everything is temporary and your calm and peaceful resolve is needed to continue through this shift.

With gratitude, Love, peace and capability you are ONE with your SACRED TEMPLE and you can practice this exercise to get you through whatever you are going through to gain your own self transformation and POWER without EGO. Hugs and Namaste.


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