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Duality taught by Nigeria God of Depths of Ocean - Olokun 6/18/2022

In Western African spirituality or Yorubian spirituality also called Ifa beliefs from Nigeria; there is the darkness and the light of the ocean. Yemaza/Imanja is the light of the ocean depths above the glisten with Father Sun the Sol. Olokun is the Orisha that deals with the darkness, depths,

Power, chaos, fury in the ocean depths…we know this energy is present. He is here to tell me that he has made himself known to you so far. That in order to calm and heal him….you must start calming yourself. Do you need to let go of limitations of people, places and situations and allow the healing of all life in the ocean by taking care of yourself, your dwelling, your living area. It is the time to heal yourself by reaching out for help by seeking that better life in your truth you so desire.

The God Olokun appears to me. His head is wrapped in cloth, with dark skin and a large whale tail and his smile beams in the sunlight. He sits on the rock and I do not notice his whale tale but it seems to materialize that he has legs and is wearing trousers. I am too focused on his face and message as I see much through someone's face and eyes and energy. I go to his watery domain in the dark depths of the ocean in security and trust of the lesson to understand and heal. I gave him sunflowers. It represents the sun and has the Fibonacci spiral nautilus type pattern of life. He is pleased and gift him an amber (the resin of the earth) pendant. He feels the sunflowers of the sun medicine in his dark domain. He feels the resin/blood of the earth of the Amber from the woods and tree). He says to me in a smile that glows with light that he loves that. The only time he feels the earth is through fallen tree limbs but this is timeless (amber). His skin is alabaster and I circle him with heart patterns of the sunflowers. He is so happy. He comes to the surface and takes me to a huge rock overlooking the ocean. He is crying tears of relief. I make him some green plantain like vegetarian stew with a palm size fried fish and methi chapati or mani to eat with his hands and give him exotic fruits…bananas, and some passion fruit juice that means the Father Sun's rays and vitamin C. All of these foods of the surface of the Earth he needed to feel and experience with joy and pleasure from the Darkness. He is so happy to be fed by his daughter. He says my nickname is “Sunflower” in his language is oorun aladun. He surrenders his role for the people of the earth he once in ancient stories wanted to wipe out until Yemaza calmed him. I am then happy he is happy and he leaves to his domain refreshed and rebirthed from his own wish and desire to be and understand the duality he says. Do you understand the duality? I understand that both darkness and light exist and are lessons for us all. I then go back to my body poured into my temple of flesh and am grateful for this lesson. Olokun I see you, I hear you and I value and love you Father of the Ocean Depths.

Understanding duality occurs in all aspects of life. Can you recognize the need for your goals to improve yourself and your life? Then heal the waters, heal yourself by emotional detoxification and removal of all the inner turmoil and chaos, the anger and fury. This is true power. Do you need a better job or path of contributing to the Universe and yourself and the local community? Do you need a place that is in harmony with the environment you are in? Do you need a relationship that is healthier? You cannot gain a relationship with others that are healthy unless you are emotionally and mentally and physically healthy. Manifest what you need to come out of the depths of darkness into the Light.

The light is the Goddess. The God has made himself present and now it is the time to be whole and healed. Yemaza shall take you and rebirth you now. Allow yourself to float into her arms coming out of the depths of darkness into the light where she dwells to assist on this most empowering occasion - The Summer Solstice. Let her rebirth you into the Light again. You know the Light feels so good now. We all need joy and bliss with the Light. Do not deny yourself

The pleasure of being whole, in truth and harmony with yourself, others and the ocean and all the life on earth. Pledge to unite with the lessons Olokun has taught you well in these last few years and see the possibilities of emerging to the surface and take breath and feel the oneness

With the watery womb that Yemaza provides. Are you ready to take this journey of Light

Rising above the Darkness. Thank Olokun for teaching you well and uniting, working with each other to make life in harmony, health and wholeness. Giving gratitude to Olokun for his lessons and his Paternal contribution to understanding the duality of life and even it touches us in the ocean. The ocean of life is truly what we are evolving into. Rejoice and give thanks to Yemaza and allow her to take you on a journey into the Light where we deserve and are always a part of and never forget the duality of life. Be One with yourself and all that dwells to make a place healthier and peaceful to live in. I am honored to share this with you. Namaste, Peace to you and Much loving LIGHT vibrations come your way. Swim in ecstasy of renewal, Ancestral support and being whole. Happy Solstice!


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