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A calming walk in the park today to visit my Sister Tree - Alta. I wore my fun rainboots to walk in the puddles and avoid the many sizes and lengths of earthworms. I was told by Spirit that the worms like us have been in the deep darkness and have done their job to prepare the soil for seeds of growth. At some point, our sadness or low emotions must be released. When it rains, the element of water is the emotions expression that can saturate the earth until the earthworms must surface and let it out. They must break out of their darkness and take the risk of exploring and allowing the saturation to decrease in it's own time as nature always does. It is like our emotions we lock inside of ourselves and keep us from showing our light by hiding deep into the darkness. It is the time the earthworms risk alot to be out there...there are predators and those that step on them. It is like us when we are unseen, unvalued in our minds that we feel we can be trampled on or diminished. Other times we risk the freedom to just be comfortable as we are even in vulnerable situations and still be accepted and safe. These are things that happen to us. We have the right to honor our darkness, we also have the right to break free and the strength to do it. Focus on what you want and take that risk despite the outcome and be free. Let others and yourself shine with you. You are not alone in all of this. Much love and yes this walk was not done with Bluetooth:) Danny Stern....haha! Inside joke.


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