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Europe Bombs and Divine Interventions

We were a newly married couple and some of my husband's relatives lived in England and some in France. We would take the hovercraft from Dover, UK to Calais, France and visit my husband's relatives in their home. A hovercraft is like a ferry and cars can go on and it has wheels that roll off land and then has inflation and tucks away the wheels to float like a boat on water. It was really fascinating each time I rode on it. Now they have the undersea tunnel called the 'Chunnel." You really can't see anything but I hear there are stops made with shops and have yet to see that.

It was the time my Beloved was a fashion designer just relocated and trying to make it in UK and France was where he'd buy his supplies to create high end custom jewelry and belts. I was his model but very shy and we would take train, bus, etc. to any area and try to model his items for consignment in high end boutiques. He was featured in a magazine a shoppe center where the Queen of England used to shop across the street from Harrods.

Upon arriving in Paris. It was a crowded place and dogs and their marks were everywhere. There where bread and pastry shops everywhere you turned and cafes. My first taste of escargot and some pate's were amazing. The Algerian foods were amazing and so was steak tartare and bouillabaisse (seafood soup) and crepes galore were amazing. The cuisine in the countrysides were so delicious and the Notre Dame, Eiffel Tower, and Champs Elyssee' were so beautiful. We even took a Bateaux Mouche which are boats that have tours on the different canals like the River Seine to see monuments and sites to see on foot.