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Facing your Fears Reblog 5/2018

Facing your Fears May 31, 2018 | Blue Thunder

Sound Heal Meditation: Facing your Fears!"  5/30/2018 by Blue Thunder It was a beautiful evening and the regulars who attended I rattled to clear energy and in the room as I called upon the presence of Pure Light Guardians at each corner of the room. Then I used my rain stick to wash away and external residual influences. Speaking of fear as an illusion as it is a blockage to your divine path and fear is the mind overthinking too many possibilities that may occur and a waste of time if we are not open to new possibilities referencing old feelings relating to self defeat. We are Sacred and this is your moment to feel Peace and Compassion. Breathe in this peace like a slow moving ocean wave into your lungs and body feeling it increase as Mother Earth cradles you and you relinquish your spine to sink into and ground into her as it is nothing knew and to do and be connected to Mother Earth. There's no separation between the two of you deeply rooted and release with breath what does not empower you.

As your Earthly body is grounded and your Sacred as well are guided, guarded and protected by your Pure Light Beings; we will explore your fears like watching a movie screen. You cannot be consumed by the fear but to remove it; we must see what your fear/s are and be clear as you may see, feel or make an image of fear in your mind that is more concrete. As you do this, breath softly and gently to visualize your fear.

Your Sacred body travels to a hot sunny and soft dry soil like country. You look down see you are barefoot looking and feeling the soft dry soil below like powdery dust as you walk you see around you the olive trees that are greyish green leaves and their olive essence permeates through the air.

You look to a hill and are drawn to walk up this hill and on the other side you are finding yourself at a cliff looking down at the ocean below and all the beauty and splendor of this moment. As you think about the fear to release; you see in the distance and golden winged being flying towards you. You do not fear this winged being of compassion. The winged being is vast and large in it's wingspan and almost human like and lands in front of you. The Being speaks to you asking "How long has it been you have given over to fear and it is time to release fear. Fear is like a net binding you and making you immovable blocking your movement forward. See the fear that is netted around you, binding you, and in side of you." As you think with clarity; I play the bowls. You are to keep breathing just to see your fear. The winged being shows a golden sword and asks you to take the sword to cut away your netting of fear and remove what doesn't empower you. You continue to remove fear and the slice of the sword dissolves the nets hold on you (Fear). You are now free of fear and the winged Being gifts you the sword to keep as your spiritual tool whenever fear arises to remove and continue as an

unlimited and courageous being of light. Please return to your body after giving thanks and together flesh, spirit and mind are One. You have honored yourself in this journey. Thank you, Peace to you, Courage is with you. Namaste.


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