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Getting Centered by Blue Thunder channeling

Hello All;

It has been challenging lately to hear the media about our world and some folks are feeling helpless to change it for the better or hopeful. It is time to get centered and grounded. Know that you are Divinity Walking in Flesh on this Earth. I wish to say that each and everyone of you is Light of Many Vibrations from the Creator/Creatrix. You are blessed to have the choice to make this space a better place for you and all that dwell on earth. Let us take a journey where you see a forest of many trees. It is a sunny day and warm outside and you walk towards a tree that stands out to you and draws you near it. You stand in front of this tree and feel the bark of the tree and notice the limbs reaching to the sky in gratitude and it roots are deep into the Earth. Notice the size and shapes & colors of the leaves. It is a living life force that knows just to simply be and grounded into the Earth. Mother Earth is the supporter and connection to your inner being of positive possibilities. You become so rooted in your body like a tree facing this tree. It is a record keeper of history and your yourself in your body are a record keeper in your mind of lessons and experiences. The tree is a life force and stays grounded. Imagine a pure light of white of clarity and cleansing as you breath deeply cleansing your mind, body and every cell and all around you at least 5 times. Now imagine your roots touching the roots of this tree and feel the life force of this tree as a turquoise light of blessings come into the top of your head, in your body and in your lung, belly and cells and all around you feeling the blessings in your life as you breath this blessing into you deeply. Then feel the deeper connection as every muscle and bone relaxes into the the earth even more. Now breath in the purple light of the higher self from the top of your head into your body and cells. It is the color of transformation and higher thought and connection to your Ancestors, Ascended Masters, Saints, Sages and Pure Light Helpers to remain clear and in your truth. Breath this in your body and every cell of renewal. As you feel this in your heart you hear the heart beat of the tree in front of you as you both cycle your energy by moving from your tree root to the tree roots and you feel your energy is warm cycling into the tree and the trees is cooler because inside the tree is moist and cool and feeling this cycling to move your stagnant energy. Keep breathing this a few times and allow the transformation and and movement of energy to flow. It is like moving the chi or pranic or ki energy like in Tai Chi. Feel this and hear the heart beat of the tree match your heart beat. You are a unit of flow and centeredness and calm and resilience. Now take this energy back into your body and to feel the centeredness, the calm clarity and standing in your truth of your own being. You are Divine and you are worthy of all clarity and positive forward movements in mind-body-spirit in this exercise. Whenever you feel cluttered or chaotic sit against a tree and be grounded and centered.  Peace to you, Namaste and Thank you for Being here. Much love.


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