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Goddess Lilith - Seat of Power Journey 5/14/2005

Dear Sisters and Brothers;

Here is a journey for the Universal Goddess of this Time. Her name is Lilith. First wife of Adam who refused to be subservient. She is the Goddess of Power - your Personal Power. Her body is like a serpent and wear triangular tattoos on her cheeks of her face. She wear a crown of vines similar to laurel leaves weaved together. In this journey, I am taken to the Upperworld where there is a cave as I walk in it; it is pink like the Earth's Womb.

As I enter the area to meet the Goddess; I see a throne and there I sit facing the throne. I see many Goddesses on my way and Mother Mary and Isis my Archetypal Mother of Alchemy. I see Hestia ( and Freya and some I don't even know and hear the name Arianrhod to research later with flowing blonde white hair and Spiritual fire in Ecstatic pose).

There comes in Lilith as she sits on her throne and she tells me: "If you know and stand in your own Personal Power then there is nothing that can harm you!" Observe and huge Dragon comes in on her right and is bluish (color of truth and healing). She commands the Dragon to eat me head first (psychic stimulation into the wisdom). She says: "Observe how you are broken down and digested and we are one dragon and myself."

She tells me to observe the motion of the churning stomach and the wave-like motion as the Dragon moves along. She is teaching me how we are experiencing stimulation energetically of the solar plexus (stomach virus, pain, ulcers and uncomfortableness) a this time of those aware of this progressive change as apart of the Universal Lesson triggers of the Time.

Lilith has me transferred back to my sacred body to observe the Serpent eating her head first but he cannot eat her or mutilate her so he goes to swallow her whole and she is ejected out back into her throne. She says, "See if you step into your power and know it; then nothing can harm you." The Dragon continues to attempt to frighten her by roaring and doing everything it can but cannot phase her nor does she fear it at all.

She tells me that at the Goddess Gathering she wants only fresh fruit and no cooked foods along with wine. She wants bellydance for the women to stimulate their solar plexus. She wants us to write in a triangular shape our daydream or journey/vision of what we see as our own personal power. This Gathering in earthly time will be a celebration of Claiming of Power emphasized for those ancient souls recognizing their self-worth and power.

Then she shows me her Sister Goddess Kali (Fear) and tells me that she will be assisting us to move forward in order to stand in our power but she is the the assistant. (No one is higher than the other even between the Gods and Goddesses helper one another.).

The Lesson: The Celebration of Feminine Spiritual Divine with Personal Power for both women and men to recognize. I must remind you the Goddesses change from one form to the other depending on the Divine Essence of the Lesson. For example, Mother Mary transformed into Isis (mothering expressions of Feminine Divine) .The Feminine Divine is expressed as an ever-changing and unlimited source of wisdom. I pass this onto you as a channel for God/Goddess/Allah/Creator so credit is due to the Higher Source of Pure Light Wisdom.


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