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Goddess Lilith - Seat of Power Journey 5/14/2005

Dear Sisters and Brothers;

Here is a journey for the Universal Goddess of this Time. Her name is Lilith. First wife of Adam who refused to be subservient. She is the Goddess of Power - your Personal Power. Her body is like a serpent and wear triangular tattoos on her cheeks of her face. She wear a crown of vines similar to laurel leaves weaved together. In this journey, I am taken to the Upperworld where there is a cave as I walk in it; it is pink like the Earth's Womb.

As I enter the area to meet the Goddess; I see a throne and there I sit facing the throne. I see many Goddesses on my way and Mother Mary and Isis my Archetypal Mother of Alchemy. I see Hestia ( and Freya and some I don't even know and hear the name Arianrhod to research later with flowing blonde white hair and Spiritual fire in Ecstatic pose).

There comes in Lilith as she sits on her throne and she tells me: "If you know and stand in your own Personal Power then there is nothing that can harm you!" Observe and huge Dragon comes in on her right and is bluish (color of truth and healing). She commands the Dragon to eat me head first (psychic stimulation into the wisdom). She says: "Observe how you are broken down and digested and we are one dragon and myself."