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Gossip by Blue Thunder 7/19/2022

Gossip is a poison that can reflect the opportunity to look deeply at yourself to see why you enjoy the rumors or belief others need to be less for you in your illusion of gaining value, love, inspiration and power. This is destructive and in the long run; the more you find comfort in hurting others; the more you tear down the possibility of your own exploration and self love. When you cannot feel the love for you and grow from it; then honestly looking at yourself will help you come back to center in your own heart. Be your heart of light and positive possibilities, appreciate yourself, learn and do something new that makes you laugh and laugh at yourself and redirect your words, actions and thoughts to something more fulfilling in your life. You cannot be less for yourself and then take the focus off you and harm others. Be a being of peace and imperfection and improve yourself in any small way you a beacon of light that you are so part of. Much loving light hugs.


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