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Gratitude for Beautiful Souls by Blue Thunder

It was an interesting day together with my Love (husband). We were going to the beach and felt a need for the ancient bellybutton healing technique for my husband and self. I had only been trained on it once and was trying to teach him how to maintain his energy and relaxation and releases with the tool we purchased. After doing the map system of this ancient Sundo Korean technique...he was totally relaxed. I was relaxed and laid down for a bit. He is usually hyper but after completion; he was zonked out for a few minutes. He then proceeded as if I used a spell on him. By the way, I don't do spells against anyone's will. He came to bed and slept from morning til 2 p.m. His body needed to heal internally after so many years of not allowing this subtle but powerful healing for himself for so many years. I congratulated him about this. He is on two types of inhalers and since the first training of Brain and Body Yoga & Tai Chi; he has had no need for the inhalers. He has had abdominal pain that after using the techniques of organ detox and release with vibrational techniques by Ilchi Lee the creator; has had none. It was stress and toxic emotions from others or himself that no longer was held. I am very pleased and congratulated him on his efforts of self loving healing utilizing no drugs or substances or chemicals. I recommend this to anyone. Then he was so relaxed and peaceful as we went for lunch and began talking to each other on higher vibrational level to each other. I am a strange, out of the box and different type of person. I told him admittedly, I am a character and so was my grandmother and my father. I know that as a Shaman; I will have little who will understand me unless they know me for a bit. I know that lots of alone time to learn more and the openness is needed to work with the ever-changing world in the now is most important. We then went to an artist's market and supported the vendors as best we could with items we wanted. I met a Soul Brother from Peru (a Peruvian Shaman) and he was unable to speak English but he kept saying this about love, unity, cosmos, universe and peace and commented on my energy. I felt so emotional almost crying to finally meet someone who was real and spiritual. I saw his work and his heart was in every piece of jewelry he made. I was drawn to the the piece of work that he made with the stone from Machu Pichu. He wrapped with string and crystals. He taught me alot of the Incan/Inkan/Aztecan symbols of the "Chakana" and ways and the different spots where the star aligned in constellations so sacred to Aztecs. He said his name was Chohan...He had symbols of jewelry of the constellations and Aztec calendar. I bowed to him after purchasing a piece of stone jewelry he made meanings of different layers of Mother Earth, Cosmos...such a blessing. I held my hand to my heart in gratitude for his gift of wisdom and his heart work. In my mind I said, "Finally, a Soul Brother." This is synchronicity because he said the Chohan piece was the belly button and all surrounded from the cosmos. I laughed inside about the belly button healing we just had been doing. I cannot tell you how much I am in relief and hope that there are people who are true to the Earth and Cosmos. He held his hand to his heart as well. Asked my name and translated. He was happy to hear my work is to help people see that Cosmos/Heaven and Earth can happen here and creates peace (la paz). Goddess/God is so good and my Love said this has been an interesting and very different day for us. It was a mutual blessing and awe of that the Universe knows all and we still can receive and learn with the light.

You are light and it is possible, blessings occur and hope, love, unity and peace are always the focus and choice for ourselves and all around us. What a Divine reminder of this. I wish you well, love, hope, peace and unity in your life and all that surrounds you. Much Much love.


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