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Grief - What You've Gained instead of Lost

Dear Beloveds;

We have lost a dear friend or family member during difficult times. However, the grief also surfaces the joy in fond memories. This at times becomes anger over past wounds and life spins through our minds from our youth. Other times; some of us didn’t have the chance to say ‘goodbye’ and that could help surface unresolved issues with our loved ones. Sometimes, it is good to cry, to eat your feelings but to also pamper yourself, eat well, exercise and look to inspirational reads, events or workshops. It is bound to happen.

When we feel the anguish in us so hurtful in our hearts; it is still residual strings attached to the earthly connection of our body. We cannot hear their voice, feel their touch, care for them if elderly or sickly or spend time in conversations through these periods that were the process of life. We live and die and the journey is so memorable. However, we remember certain parts, does that equate the understanding of the rift if any between them or other family members we connected to the loved one’s choices of action or inaction? No it is does not.

We are still here to learn to release, forgive and heal here and learning we a merely a soul walking this earth in flesh. The reason we are here is to learn, experience and soul expand.

Sometimes, there is a hurt that passes from one generation to another. However, if two people are hurt from their ancestors reason of the past in their lives they undoubtedly taught us to cope this way. Is it effective? The question is does it resolve and create peace within? If not, find another way to heal that does give you and this is the journey of rediscovery of you and what your reason you do things and behave or make choices. Do we find a parallel in our life journey compared to our ancestors? Do we need to break an unhealthy cycle of sadness, anger and depression. It is not permanent. It starts within.

You journal the issues you have that seem to be similar to ancestral programming. You then see how you develop the acknowledgment and agreement to continue this...because my relative did this...did it equate any peaceful resolution. Is it necessary to carry the drama energy passed down to you to share with your family or children? Is is healthy? If the answer is no; you have come to the aha moment. It is the start of you finding your truth within and learning to catch yourself by developing a sentence you repeat in the morning meditation and night with pure white light in you and the ‘mantra’ of self healing. You will find that you will feel lighter, inspired to seek truth and the new you and way you commit to harmony, peace and resolve with truth.

I wish you so much love in always being open to the thought that no matter your status, gender, culture, faith or titles; you are always discovering how divinely adaptable you are in becoming Sacred. Be the Sacred Self and I wish you much loving light life healing hugs. Keep a journal along the way to view how you developed in your life and to remind you how far you have transformed in trust in the Pure Light. Your best gift to you is your Divinity and Sacred Self.

Much love.


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