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Heal First before Marriage

When you are a couple; make sure you take notice how well your partner relates to their own parents. This may influence you later when you notice how your partner wants to control your relationship with your parents the same way. Make sure it’s a positive behavior and if not see what negative it is and is it going to be enforced behavior on your parental relationship. Too many folks rush to romance, get swept up or have catastrophic incidences that blind the truth in your heart to understand end it soon or suffer too many years unnecessarily later. I had a couple told not to rush three times and they married anyway and it was trying and stressful circumstances to begin with. Later one lost their power to please and it ended lengthily and badly. See it call it and discuss and end it. Don’t settle for less and if you don’t love you and don’t respect yourself work on yourself….No relationship is worth it if you didn’t start whole to begin with either way. Just saying with love.


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