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Honoring Mother Earth - Panchamama

by Blue Thunder

Honoring Mother Earth - PanchaMama April 25, 2019 | Blue Thunder

Hello my Earthdwelling Brothers and Sisters! It was so nice to do the storytelling sound heal to Honor Mother Earth/Gaia yesterday 4/24/2019.  The Earth Goddess that has come into teach the Universal Lesson is "PanchaMama/MamaPancha." She is a Goddess from Mexico that wears snake skin robes and had a feather plume headdress with corn-cobs bound together. Her breast are the Mountain that feed all in existence. Wouldn't it be nice to live in peace with all that dwell on Earth. She is the here to let you know she is the Nurturer/the Provider.  We rooted ourselves in the Zen room and breathed in Peace into our lungs and body and belly. I rattled and called upon you Primordial Tribes of Pure Light to call in as a support, protection and guides since you were in the void of creation and not flesh yet. They have been with you always. There is no room for fear, doubt or thought of lack. You breathed into you this peace relaxing every part of your body sinking into Mother Earth. PanchaMama will take you on a journey to see your Ancestors, Ancient Ones and Grandparents that told you stories. As your earth body is relaxed and surrendered into Mother Earth; you see a soft pink light, the symbol of self love/self care into the top of your head into your body and cells and in and all around you. Breathing this into you and with every heart beat you feel this love increase with each breath. You feel and know that you are loved, you are not forgotten, you are valued and with this love; it is indestructible, cannot be manipulated in truth. Feel the love that you are and Mother Earth loves you without a doubt; giving to you for you to be on this Earth.  As your earthly body relaxes; your sacred body goes to a place and time in a meadow of a sunny day and you smell the sweetness of Mother Earth and the grass. You see there is a river bank and you walk towards it smelling and hearing the water in this river. A gentle flow and you come to the edge and see a canoe for you to enter. You go inside the canoe and there are 2 oars to paddle. You think you need the oars but the river gently pulls you in the canoe towards your destination to PanchaMama. You lay back in this canoe looking all around as the quiet observers or the sounds and beauty of nature and life and relax even more. Floating to a riverbank where PanchaMama awaits you.

The canoe stops and you see PanchaMama reaching her hand out to help you out of the canoe. Her eyes see through you but yet she is kind and patient. She urges you to take her hand and she lifts you out of the canoe. She tells you that is is time to honor me as I unconditionally gift you all you need and she walks ahead of you to take you to your Ancestors, Ancient Ones or Grandparents. You walk behind her trusting her with ease.  She comes to a cave where you enter and the cave has been lit for you. You look down and see you are barefoot and you smell and hear the water drip on your forehead and skin from this living cave. You hear water running and follow PanchaMama into a chamber where there they are. One of the elders places a blanket around you and they are smiling at this happy reunion with you. They have been wanting to tell you things for a long time and advise you. You sit and listen to their words.  As I play my sound bowls; one of the elders asks you: "What will you do to honor and gift Mother Earth in this journey with PanchaMama? What have you done to harm her with chemicals, have you recycled and been conscious of the items you use everyday on your body and in your car or space of dwelling? How will you heal her and state your commitment to heal her. She is the the unconditional, all loving all accepting and all forgiving. Emulate her model. Without hesitation she has fed, clothed and sheltered you. How will you do this? As you are thinking about this; I see a campfire and in this campfire with the Ancient Ones/Ancestors/Grandparents you will think of what will you release of people, old self/relationships, situations or places or thoughts that do not give you clarity to focus on this into the fire. When you have let go; then you are told to gather the 'Children of the Earth' of stones and crystals all around in crevices and corners of this cave to gift Mother Earth. They provide a pouch a large as you wish to carry your gifts of healing the Mother. When you are finished; you bid gratitude and farewells to All and make your way out of the cave where PanchaMama awaits your return. You gift her these gifts of gratitude and promises of commitment to be present and help heal her as she freely does for you and all Earth Dwellers. She is tearful and happy about your gift. She asks you to remember your commitment to heal her and not forget her. You thank her and take this commitment to heal her to your earthly body back into the canoe and returning back into the room. What a blessing to receive the advise, the awareness and know you are capable of giving to Mother Earth as much as she has given you. Thank you for this journey. Thank you for reconnecting to your Sacred Self. Much love and Peace to you & Namaste.


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