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Importance of Being In the Now by Blue Thunder 8/9/2023

We know that yesterday is old and today and now is the new. When we see each other in the now and embrace ourselves and each other; it is a beautiful surrender that we are always moving and's not a speed, or season or calendar or timed forward and expanding movement. Once you understand; you will not judge others who do not have the same path. Ancient teachings are always surfacing of new discoveries and alterations of what the 'truth' is. Truth is in your heart but it can change as always the Earth and everyone ages and everything. We get sentimental and stick to the 'should' and 'could 'and the book says this or this person of the past does this. Quite valuable to see how the progress has come about and will continue. When we adhere to teachings as if they are always permanent; we lose the opportunity to grow and understanding the Unlimited Creator can come in different forms of expression...a plant, an animal, an element, an angel, a saint, a sage, a child and through different people. No one is favored and when you are given this gift of choices; thy will be done with careful intent, with discernment and understanding we are bigger and more powerful in the present and not what has been 'dictated' to us. Our Ancestors, our culture and religious or spiritual information will keep moving forward. If there is resistance, judgment and violence or penalty; it is because those who cannot surrender have blinders and attachment to old teachings and information. It is not a dismissal where we come from; it is a recognition we are divine and we are all here to understand the great mysteries unfolding as a community when we are ready. We cannot dictate who is worthy or who is less by when the Light Wisdom comes to us by Messengers; either radically or gently but pray and ask for gentle teachings and understanding and growth. This will help you be gentle with self and others. Much kind loving light hugs. Have a great week ahead.


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