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Intimacy in Difficult Times

By Blue Thunder

Hello Lovers of Life;

Seems that the Coronavirus can encourage quality family time and intimacy whether married or not. It is the time to involve yourself in creating quality and intimacy between couples. It is a primal urge and a known healer in all difficult times. I believe that there will be many new babies created during this time. Sex is not only for the young couples but for all ages of consenting ages. Sexual intimacy comes from a hug and glance, holding hands, enjoying

a massage from each other, face masks, and spending a romantic time on a table for the adults arranged like a night out at a fancy restaurant. No matter how simple the meal; it's effort put into bonding and celebrating life.

Being playful and in discovering each other and exploring something new and pleasurable and exciting. You have this time when you can to make it happen. Sometimes, dressing up

and having a movie night and dinner at home imagining your favorite spot in the mountains, beach, or romantic getaway. Making a theme dinner or playing music that takes you away to exotic places you've imagined to be.

Whatever floats your boat my Loves. Take some couple time for you and your Lover. Make it a time to celebrate having this time to focus on making quality connections using your imagination. Dance romantically, hold each other passionately. Amore'

Love always heals. Enjoy the adventure you create together. Celebrate it.


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