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Journey Learning About the Chakras 9/30/2004

Journey Learning About the Chakras 9/30/2004

Dear Beloveds;

Thanks for keeping vigilant and reading to learn more about self progression by my stories. No they are not made up and no I am not on any substances. This teaches the 7 chakras and the healing information to utilize if you so choose. As you know, there are 7 chakras (energy wheel centers on the human body). To start the journey; I am in my sacred body as both my earthly body is protected for gaining wisdom. I am wearing a viking hat of courage, wand of the dwarves, stone of power and sexuality and my Tree Sister sends loving energy to me. Zeus, Thor (Protector of Gods/Goddesses and All on Earth) and Loki (Mischief) appear at a table and Isis and others are present to assure me protection. A neighbor's cat we call "Sylvester" has taken a liking to us and would love to sit in my lap to join in this journey. The Goddess Sophia (Goddess of Wisdom) appears in white veil and travels to Mt. Olympus as the cat put its paw on the Oracle card of Sophia so my journey could begin about the chakras.

These lessons will cover the 7 chakras and what energy is affected at this time on each and everyone of us on Earth are:

Root - Red color (birth or sexual organ area)

Sacral - Orange color (creativity / sexuality)

Solar Plexus - Yellow color (Power)

Heart - Green color (relationships)

Throat - Blue color (truth/speaking)

3rd eye - Indigo color (psychic)

Crown - Purple color (crown/higher self/higher connections)

Red chakra affected - The God Mars has been busy with the Chaos and Fiery inferno and confusion with some of his weapons being shown. This is an aspect we visit in our lives (war/civil unrest).

Sacral chakra affected - Feeling very tribal like in the beginning of the primal group that knew the Divine and had nothing when we were born but given all they needed and creativity was what was necessary from us to make things happen. I saw from the beginning of cave people in circle drawing pictures to tell a story or piece of history about this.

Solar Plexus chakra affected - It is like the amber resin that is the blood of the Earth that Goddess Freya (sensuality) appeared and was told that we have many layers of Earth that we are and the amber is like the honeycomb of life. The Primal beginnings of Earth blood and gives us strength or encouragement.

Heart chakra affected: Is like a dome of many layers and expands when our Light expands. It is love of the Universe once we understand that love and let our Lights shine as we are ready to communicate our truth. This leads into the blue emerald sapphire color and being in the Universe with all and going deep inside and letting the light pattern and start-lights grow bigger.

Throat chakra affected: Truth is not just words but our actions and what we do and carry ourselves. When we do not walk in truth; we merely are walking an illusion and let our Light shine brighter.

Crown/Halo chakra affected: I see a vision of a priest's robe on a page of a book that is torn and crumpled. I was told that is no the picture but a royal purpose of the healing a woman I met in the following example in earth time that our confidence crumples and we are drawn to work deeper in ourselves and pull out our evolvement and like a moment when a woman I was judge and not forgiven but tries to treat me kindly and allowing her motherly tenderness to approach me instead of resist it will help in my healing.. She looks like the Matronly woman in a picture in his sanctuary of my Reiki Master's Mesa (Power table).

The Lesson:

This led to a visitation from the Goddess of Change named "Oya." She wanted me to serve her red wine. I brought a tray of elaborate pitcher and a goblet of gold decorations and gave her wine. She wanted me to drink with her and said, "Don't let my Buffalo Woman demeanor scare you. I am here to help with your changes. Acceptance and the invitation of change is what needs to be done."

Then Ghyldeptis (Goddess of Synthesis) appears. I quickly apologize for dropping rose oil on her Oracle card in real earth time and she says, "Never mind; I love it!" She was in the form of the tree, air, water, earth and all elements of living beings on this moving canvas on

her body that melded into all nature. She continued to speak: "Be like her and put her cloak of everything on me and let me experience all aspects of elements. It was intense to experience and I couldn't keep track of which part of me was experienced earth, water, air, trees, etc.

Along on this journey another Goddess joined in by the name of Ix Chel (Ik shell) - Goddess of Creativity and gave me a Mayan hat to wear and asked me to visualize this when you seek inspiration and information to have the Goddess gathering in her honor or essence of Creativity. I was in an elaborate headdress with a skirt with long slits on each side of my legs.I hold onto the Wand of the dwarves and returned back to my body as I requested Goddess Bast (Goddess of Play and Catlike Goddess) to bless the cat for it's journey with me. Thanks to all and Great Spirit. Chrysalis my Tree sister teases me that the elves and dwarves were watching and I smile and greet and thank all for being with me.

I hope you learned and understood the teachings of this time. Our chakras change their areas affected depending on the Universal conditions and lessons of the time. Nothing is permanent or lasts forever. We are meant to keep moving forward to the Light.


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