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Journey to Meet Wildflower (Tree Spirit) & Divine Assistance for All 5/15/2008

Dear Ones;

These are early journeys into the Upper World/Heaven in my early studies of Shamanism.

I decided to journey today since the catastrophes of many souls ascension in Myanmar and China have taken place and other places where deaths have occurred mysteriously and unexplainably without righteousness.

I called upon my power animals, spirit helpers and angels. The Archangels were called upon. I dialogued with the tree spirit that called herself "Wildflower." She explained that she liked that name even though she was a tree. My other Sister tree is 'Alys' which is smaller than Chrysalis both struck by lightening and she was there surrounded & guarded as Wildflower indicated with guardians reflecting what was the same occurrence with myself and the earth. I saw a tunnel and went through the forest into a clearing and up to the Heavens.

I was taken up the Heavens to see The Great One - the Orb of Power where I was called to experience the deep fiery Light of Cleansing and Union with the Source/Great One. I then was taken up to see the Sky Goddesses and a Rain Goddess came to me in her watery form and wanted me to be baptized in her blessings and cleansed. She merged me with her to experience what it was to be a Water Goddess. It was a wonderful clear and fluid like crystal of purity and then placed in the Universe to gather White Clouds of Prayers to pull them towards The Great One of the dead and living's prayers in Myanmar and China to purify them and give them divine results of their requests. This then expanded after their divine unions with The Great One to have healing occur for All.

I went back to my earthly body as I was called "Bodhisattva" my endearing name from other journeys done Shamanically (dimensional travels.). Wildflower continued to dialogue with me a bit about a future healing to do with water and new client. She assured me that that was the purpose and to help this person know his gifts and no blockages would occur between myself and his journey. I felt that our work would help evolve from deep Ancient wisdom our souls would only access.

It was further revealed to me that the 'noise' of detailed journeys was necessary in my early years for learning but my journeys would be short and to the point because I already know the basic information to get the message and that at other times when I needed more detailed teachings - my journeys would be detailed for that purpose to create understanding.

I was instructed to continue my path of releasing negative or blockages in my forms and not to worry because I was constantly protected. I gave thanks and Namastes to All for this beautiful lesson and message to share.


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