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Journey with 4 Direction Korean Shamans in Tai Chi


Tai chi meditation inspired the Korean Shamanesses to do a healing in the four directions on me in spirit form and realm.

As I lay there in the earthly and cosmic energies merging in my body; I saw the Shamanesses burn charcoal and herbs on a pyre of fire with my old self burning to be renewed again and rebirthed.

I saw the ashes as my new body formed from pure light particles and joined others I knew and others I didn't of people, plant, animals in their purest form of light particles as we were One in a single breath we take in as in the mountain, the earth, the air and sun/moon. We were all a part of each other in ONENESS.

It was beautiful and then we floated back into our earthly domains. I gave marigolds to the Shamanesses in spirit form, Korean food and tea and offerings of soft pink light vibrations of love, doves and candles shaped and smelling of pink roses. It was near the familiar sacred arch they showed me of healing when I first started.

I bowed to each Shamaness in gratitude. It was a blessing as I was assured the journey now is the way to be. Thank you Universal messages from Pure Light. Peace and good night.


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