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Keep your Ego in Check when you Lead

Your body, your mind and your soul are yours. These are your sacred temples. No one has the right to take your energy. It is a false theory that others can take it. Do not fear darkness. Darkness creates illusions and fears of self defeat. We are made from the Most High. We cannot be taken down by your vigilant focus on all three as temples and sanctuaries. Our home is our sanctuary and no one has a right to visit even in your dreams as your prayers and all 3 without permission. Do not give permission even to your teacher or facilitator. The earthly domain requires face to face dialogue and honesty. It requires long term understanding and discussions over time to allow anyone even energetically to do spells, visit you or try to influence you to their whim (ego) and control. Some folks get excited of ones energy as they are growing and will try to claim it and make the person ally with them. This is not a partnership nor agreement made in thought out time to agree to. If unaware of what a person is doing; ask yourself in real time if someone was visiting you without permission if that is respectful and true etiquette. Etiquette is required even energetically. If someone has more experience doesn't mean they are entitled to make you come their way. This is intrusive and controlling. This is all ego. Do not engage with folks who do not understand that just because you want it to happen if a new person or student is there; it depends on the free will and choice of the student. Do not use your gifts to manipulate to your own alterior motives. From Healer to demon is the path of downfall and darkness. Ask yourself what you choose? Dark or Light. Then you will understand yourself more and keep yourself in check. Do not come to my home in black covering. I know you are there. Do not terrorize other folks connected to the person you become fixated on. This is a message for all who take responsibility in guiding, teaching and facilitating. Keep the EGO in check. Respect all innocents because that is your responsibility and Divine Cosmic Law.


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