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Keep Yourself Positive During Covid

Dear Ones;

I have had a few folks asks me how to cope with the Covid besides asking me to have a sound immersion session but that's not possible in my cozy zen room at Healium. I would

have to sanitize all blankets and pillows and spray disinfectant inside the room and on all rugs, carpets and furniture.

So instead I recommended that they listen to calming music and listen to youtube sound baths. To turn off the news on the television, radio and your access to it via phone and laptop for about a few weeks.

Then try to sit for 5 minutes listening to your breath or feel your heart beat when you breath and count to 5 and slow it down and ground yourself. Try to let all thoughts just exit out of your mind like clouds floating away continuously.

Use aromatherapy like lavender oil on your bedding and sheets/pillows or in a diffuser if not allergic. Sprinkle some in your laundry.

Then try not to have caffeinated drinks, chocolate, teas or any stimulants or vitamin c sources.

Exercise during the morning, after noon or early evenings and not so close to bedtime.

Try a soaking lavender or epsom salt bath or bath bomb that has your favorite oils. Do not use peppermint as it is invigorating.

Listen to nature sounds and do not watch any violent, scary, action packed or dark movies before bed time. Try listening to music or watching a comedy.

Don't look at your phone or laptop for emails near bedtime or answer texts. Put the phone on sleep/do not disturb mode programmed and sleep the same time every evening.

Another thing to do is make a list of things to do that create a routine for yourself. Don't sleep in and get up and freshen yourself up and change from your pajamas into something fun or nice to wear that gets you feeling good about yourself.

Use your favorite lotions and body oils if inclined on your skin.

Eat on time and try being outdoors for at least 30 minutes every day.

Keep a gratitude journal to write down when you wake up what you are grateful for and before bed as well. Write about something that was a positive in your life, or redirected to be grateful. Try being kind and compassionate and doing a small task for someone.

Make your errands fun by shopping at places that remind of new and fresh discoveries. We love farmer's markets that have groceries around the world because of our love of travel and we try different groceries and try recipes to make life interesting. Eat healthy immune boosting foods and make it fun discoveries.

Communicate your feelings and uplift each other by understanding and do something creative or your favorite hobby.

If alone; try communicating back and forth to each other about topics that lead to self discovery and inspiration.

Be intimate with your significant other or appreciate yourself indulging in something sensual whether it be aphrodisiacs or scented lotions or oils, dressing provocatively just for you and having a nice drink or meal by self indulging and loving yourself or with one you love.

This is what I would do and explore different ways to be active in nature or a new exercise or dance style. Try not to sit so much or you may be looking like a double wide...LOL.

Be your Divinity in Motion on a Path of Positivity, Strength, Bliss and Gratitude. Thank you a grateful you are here. Hope this helps.


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