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Little Boxes

Little Boxes: We live in little boxes in our minds...a box to work, a box at home and a box with friends and family a box with those we worship with....the box is a limitation of false illusion in your mind that you cannot change your life if you are unhappy on false conditions that others will be let down if your real expanding and developing authentic self surfaces.

There will be those who want you to stay the old self. It is just a habit or pattern developed of relating to you in an old way. Update them with positive and calm commitment announcing who are changed and developed into a better self that makes you happy and these things make me happy and these no longer are of importance to me...the obstacles or old energies will fall away and be brave to walk alone sometimes with your pure light helpers beside you as you shift into the new self.

Say hello to your new self every day in the mirror and say I love you and trust the universe will help me be the energy I choose myself to be before becoming flesh. Be dedicated to the feeling of empowerment and assured that change is bound to happen...if you don't adjust to the shift; you'll be unhappy, confused and more unhappy hiding the Sacred Light you are from the Universe. Be the Light and Expression of God/Goddess. Peace and love.


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