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Merging with Air & Understanding Ayurveda - 2004/2005

Dear Ones;

You have already experienced 3 different blogs on the 4 elements. The 4 elements are fire, air, earth and water. In Ayurvedic medicine to identify the nature of these 4 elements; they call fire - pitta (which can be fire and water), air - vata, earth - (earth and water) and water (water). There are other characteristic when an Ayurvedic doctor looks at you and over 2,000 ways to read your pulse to determine which organ is runny too high or too low.

It is a medicine over 2,000 years old from India. It measure the size of the person by body frame, skin color, hair/no hair, genetic tendencies, location and season of the tendencies. Also, the speed in which a person walks, talks and how they carry their body. It is a more intrinsic study and the philosophy of Ayurvedic medicine is: "Food is medicine and Medicine is food. However, not everyone's balance is the same diet and so some food can be poison to one's system and healing to another. I have lectured about this and given the element tendencies and diet to bring balance in briefs in my talks of "What Element are You?" at Healium's open jam story telling meditations. I studied a 18 month course but couldn't spend a year in India away from my young children and spouse.

However, in our last trip to India was amazing with the Ayurvedic massages that use healing oils according to the element or body type you are and the survey of disease tendencies and genetic and pulse reading. They make tinctures, oils, ointments, pastes, ointments and herbal formulas and some food and dietary recommendations and tendencies to avoid.

Anyway, if you go to an Ayurvedic clinic; they even has exercises, breathing and yoga that you can do and some sauna recommendations if you stay longer and experience different modalities of healing. Anyway, something to explore besides a massage you are accustomed to but be ready to by slathered in oil so slick you can slide out of the massage/treatment bed but don't worry...they give you soaps for your skin and shampoo to wash it all mostly off. Some oil left on is beneficial...that is why you see some Indians slick some oils according to their body type for treatment to cool the head, nurture or warm and relax the head.

Enough of Ayurveda as we are here to talk about merging with the air. As you know from childhood; air exists from the winds and the leaves that fall to the ground during the Fall. In the winter; you feel the effects of the force of air when there is sleet and hail upon us. Air can be gentle and can play with your hair and also it can caress and rock you gently in a rocking chair as you lull yourself or your children to sleep. It can cool off your sweat on a summer day and is so mesmerizing if in a hammock and rocks you to sleep in your woven-roped cocoon. Sometimes, the wind blows clouds around on a very windy day to and from as if blowing cotton balls is disarray in the sky & watch the shapes take place in the clouds com and go in moving artistic displays of shapes. When air is destructive; it may blow tree limbs and rooftops off if in chaos as well as creating a hurricanes to gain more force or a storm to create life threatening debris flying through the air like a destructive tornado. So you can see there are phases to air.

With this knowledge, we are going to imagine a gentle breeze to initially learn how to merge with air. Imagine you are a feather a bird let go and you are gently rocking and swirling and twirling with this breeze. You feel the lightness, you feel the mild temperature and you feel you are weightless. You are mobile and easily move in different directions with the flow of the wind and there's a small Wind Fairy (Faery) there. You greet the wind Fairy and you achieve the name of the fairy as your friend. You are no longer the feather with the wind but you are the wind carrying the feather. Without you; the feather cannot explore the Earth. The Fairy says to you: "Please take notice how light you are and you are in the calmest state of being to be gentle."

When you are accompanying a fire; then you can increase your force by making the fire rise and blow wildly and create havoc if not controlled. When you are forceful to cause tree limbs to break or houses to shake and rooftops to lose shudders; you can feel the destructive invisible force as a whipping force against a being's face if sleet or snowy ice is present. Air takes these elements of water forms & creates harsh and sharp conditions making it very unbearable to be with you in this state of havoc.

When the Fairy of Air flutters his/her wings; they know by the force of the air pumped with the motion and at the air allows it to soar. You imagine in life how you had moments where you soared beyond your own possibilities. You rose above with this lesson of air beyond the negative and dense energies and felt elation for being so free like the feather you rode upon and then merged with the air that carried it. It was an experience for you to understand even the unseen has some effect on us and that being light and airy is a pleasant state of being. When we are fueled with high energy and blow wildly and harshly; we realize if we are too harsh; people will avoid you. How many forms of air have you experienced to understand how your state of being and engagement in society like nature can help or harm? Take note of this and see the state of being you have been and wish to be with air teaching you how effective or non effective your presence can me. Take note that if we are in our storm in life is the fury or anger to defend oneself or to create boundaries when pushed far enough into a fast-moving destructive force against nature instead of with it. Sometimes, this reminds us when we been storms in defense or storms to destroy. There's a choice of being in this airy state.

When you feel you have the power to recognize how your intensity and force at different levels as air does help or harm. As you realize this; you become aware that the lesson is completed and bid the Fairy farewell and shape-shift from your air form & return to your sacred body into your earthly body. Hope you enjoyed the simple journey with Air. Namaste.


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